2015 Offset Kings Long Beach

The dividing line between performance and fashion is rarely skewed in the automotive culture. We gear heads, as a whole, tend to cling to one side or the other with aspirations of crossing over to dabble in our counterpart. That dividing line became physical in Long Beach, California where a barrier of fencing separated the temporary Long Beach Grand Prix track from the Fatlace presented car show ­– Offset Kings.

The second annual ‘OK’ car show took place during the Formula Drift Long Beach event. Nestled in the parking lot behind the first turn of the FD course, the tire smoke lingered overhead throughout the day. Show roll-in occurred the previous night, leaving the morning in the car show lot quiet amidst the chaos erupting on track.




The only entrance into the show involved crossing a footbridge taking you directly over the active drift course, and into the sanctuary of the back lot. Where a stunning Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 immediately greeted you, sitting on perfection by way of chromed Floss Edition BBS wheels. Owned by Rob from Crooks and Castles, this sparkling exotic garnered attention from all attendees.


Surrounding that area were 3 influential builds including this burgundy FC Mazda RX7, repping Fatlace and sitting on the often-overlooked Panasport G7 wheels.



Accompanied by Fatlace native, Yogi’s Vertex-kitted Lexus GS sedan. Going with a one-piece motorsport wheel ties into his track look throughout the car. So the 19”x10.5” Wedsport SA-15R’s are a nice complement.


Brian Henderson’s daily Audi A7. Looking stuck to the ground thanks to the Accuair suspension, and housing on 21”x10” CCV 2 piece monos from his wheel company Rotiform.



Phaze2 Noel’s Varis widebody and Vortech supercharged FR-S, with some SSR TF1 wheels inside the fenders. The white face with a polished lip was the perfect contrast to the rich red paint and woven carbon covering the car.



Mikey’s Integra had the matching Phaze2 colorway on CCW D11L wheels. There aren’t enough clean Hondas circulating anymore, so to see the attention to detail on this build up-close was refreshing.


This Lexus LS showed how clean the two-tone UCF20 chassis could be.


The grey paint on this E90 showcased the dark bronze face Work VS-XX wheels and their contrasting bright bronze lips.


More German flavor courtesy of a couple older generation BMWs, this E46 sitting on Rotiform INDs…


And this pristine E30 chassis with an S54 engine swap kept it dark on some refinished black BBS RS wheels.



A clean Datsun 510 with an SR20 on SSR Longchamps just works so well. It’s so nice to see these cars still present at modern shows.


The muted green tone of this JZS161 Lexus GS was special in a sea of factory paint codes.


Squeezed some wide lips under the rear quarter also.



A striking red 964 Porsche on chromed BBS RS wheels with stepped lips.


Keeping with the large amount of makes from Germany, this Audi S5 hosted some Rotiform IND-T wheels and metallic green Brembo calipers.


When the sun hit it just right, the brushed copper finish of these AvantGarde F121 wheels popped next to the metallic paint of this kouki S14.


@killagram had his Rocket Bunny FR-S out, also on AvantGarde F121 wheels.


A fully liveried J’s Racing GT widebody S2000 is not a usual suspect in the show scene, so it was great to see one in rotation. Especially on the aggressive specs the Advan GT is offered in.


James aka Floss_Design had his 997.2 Porsche GT3 out, complete with GT3 Cup style wing and centerlock wheels.


Jade Motorsports brought their Varis fronted, carbon clad FR-S wearing a set of Magnesium Blue Advan GT wheels really stood out. Especially with the subtle TRD fender extension and garnish.



It was hard to stop looking at these BMWs. The F31 wagon with an Accuair airbag setup was perched on top of a set of HRE 501 wheels, with a subtle green livery running throughout.



This F80 M3 was stunning in Yas Marina Blue, with all of the carbon accents/roof and BBS LM wheels.


And the F82 M4 owned by Long Tran from LTMW, covered in the Liberty Walk widebody kit, which housed the large i-Forged wheels.


Onto the organizer of the event himself, Mark Arcenal and his two cars present at the show. His Voomeran kitted MK7 GTI had some aerodynamic extra storage up top, and a Fatlace stickered BMX frame.


The Work CR2P wheels are such a different concept for wheel choice on a Volkswagen, but it comes together seamlessly.


Which brings us to the fleet of American RAUH-Welts, created by Akira Nakai from Japan, which populated the show lot. Mark brought out his Pandora One, with its distinct green cage and limited edition “illest” Bride seats inside.


The outside is a more reserved color combination, due to the gold with polished lip Work Meister M1 wheels, and the resprayed black paint.


RWB Medusa made its debut at the Offset Kings show, and while parked alongside 4 other RWB builds, it still stood out from the rest. Thanks to the Fifteen52 F-LTW wheels, assembled using titanium hardware.


The all black 993 RWB in attendance tracked back to a more traditional RAUH-Welt kit, with the RWB Meister S1 wheels.


Brian Scotto from the Hoonigans had his 965 present, which aside from the white paint had its own reason separating it from the others.


You see if you follow them, the guys over at Hoonigan often joke about never washing their cars, so to see his RWB with dirty Fifteen52 wheels was great. It’s reminiscent of the classic RWBs in Japan and frequent their local racetracks.



We’ll finish off with the newly completed 993 RWB by LTMW, for its owner Creaminz. With his personal history of widebody P-cars, it was only a matter of time until he had one of Nakai-san’s creations. The wing on the back is a nice touch for this car and pays homage to one of the Japanese 993 RAUH-Welt’s named Rotana.