Super Street x Toyo Tires Calendar Launch

Photos via John Zhang / 1013MM

For many people, the start of the New Year brings resolutions to the surface, as personal commitments are made to lose weight, join a gym, or start eating better. It’s also time to hang a fresh, new calendar, and for 2016 Super Street Magazine and Toyo Tires made sure everyone had a stylish example to display by giving them out at various Calendar Launch events. With previous meets in Miami, Florida and Honolulu, Hawaii, the final stop at Boden Autohaus in Costa Mesa, California saw some of Southern California’s nicest show cars make an appearance – and Front Street Media was on the property to check out the festivities.




When the weather is nice and there is a reason to gather, California’s automotive enthusiasts assemble in droves. This calendar launch event contained automotive examples from numerous manufacturers – both heavily modified machines and those less so – meaning there was something for everyone to appreciate. The Varis/Ridox kit on this vibrant red Supra adds to the already curvaceous exterior of the JZA80 chassis.


Wider wheels are needed to fill in the custom-widened rear fender arches. The muted bronze finish on these SSR Professor SP1 wheels conceals the massive lips at each corner of this setup.



This highly-modified Toyota Prius is dissimilar to almost any other example on the road, as the orange hybrid wears the rare Mode Parfume Prius R widebody aero kit in order to house its huge SSR MKIII Neo wheels.


The extensive work to this car doesn’t stop at the outside, because the interior incorporates a unique audio setup from Progressive Auto Sounds. The trunk also reveals the custom color-matched air compressor tanks and polished hardlines for the car’s airbag suspension to help set the stance in the weeds.


A wide set of Volk Racing TE37 wheels are mounted underneath the J’s Racing widened fenders on the front and rear of this off-white Honda S2000.


The owner was unable to leave the engine stock; the open hood showcases the Vortech supercharger system designed to provide serious motivation when the loud pedal is pressed.


This Datsun Sunny truck has certainly made its rounds since being debuted at the SEMA show in November. Recently immortalized on Jay Leno’s Garage, this vintage truck now dons a custom dry carbon fiber front end, modeled from the soughtafter Hakosuka Skyline. Dry carbon fiber is manufactured using a process that requires the material to be pre-impregnated with the ideal amount of epoxy for the part prior to the molding and curing process. It’s approximately 70 percent lighter than traditional wet carbon fiber, which has the epoxy continually applied during the manufacturing process. Dry carbon is also much more expensive to produce.



More carbon fiber populates the bed of the truck, while bronze Volk Racing TE37V wheels perfect the mixture of vintage and modern flair on the exterior.



One of several Rauh Welt Porsche cars present at the event, this fluorescent-colored 993 utilizes black three-piece HRE 300 wheels and a multileveled rear wing made famous by the Rotana RWB in Japan.



The vivid paint continues onto the rollbar inside, while Recaro Profi SPG seats and OMP Racing harnesses provide added safety.




The event’s hosting facility, Boden Autohaus, modifies European cars like this Audi R8 complete with three-piece Rotiform OZT wheels and a Prior Design aero kit.



Boden Autohaus also brought out this V10 Audi R8 with a combination of black paint and carbon fiber pieces on the exterior.


Continuing the lack of flashy color, the three-piece Rotiform LHR wheels wear multiple finishes of black paint.



Ready for any upcoming track days, the collection of Spoon Sports aero pieces on this Honda S2000 assist in cutting through the air and providing downforce. The motorsports theme continues from the large two-level GT wing down to the Enkei NT03+M wheels.



A few domestics even showed up to the import-laden affair. This Mustang’s three-piece Triumph CY.X wheels fill the widened wheel arches in a subtle manner to help contrast the shiny blue-chrome vinyl wrap inhabiting the entire exterior.


The smooth factory bodylines of the FD Mazda RX-7 are widened by a full Rocket Bunny widebody kit on this example.


The wider body panels allow for a larger-width tire track to be applied. This helps to maximize the available grip from this lightweight rotary powered sports car.




This GT-R is also clad in a full Rocket Bunny widebody kit and equipped with AirLift suspension to significantly drop the body over of the one-off Rotiform MLH wheels.


Despite the recent demise of the Scion brand, the vehicles are still immensely popular with enthusiasts due to their low cost of entry into the vehicle customization world. This Scion FR-S uses a full Rocket Bunny widebody kit equipped with Dai Yoshihara’s special canards.


In the search for a large chassis-mounted rear wing to complement the rest of the wild exterior, the owner created his own wingstands which are now in production for others to purchase.


The Avant Garde F121 wheels are still too wide to fit without rubbing under the aftermarket fender arches.



This pristine NA2 NSX uses Route KS aero and a Voltex GT wing to exaggerate the aggressive lines of the body; a set of polished three-piece Work Meister S1 wheels tie the exterior together.



This spotless JZA80 Supra was recently honored in SEMA’s Battle of the Builders competition; it’s been fitted with BBS Motorsport E88 wheels. The machine exhibits creative ductwork that circulates air through the radiator and intercooler to provide optimal airflow over those components prior to exiting through the top of the hood.


The engine bay has been heavily shaved and smoothed to properly showcase its high-horsepower 2JZ-GTE engine.


Female-owned and driven, this Subaru STI wagon’s flanks have been widened via the installation of a full carbon fiber Varis widebody kit. There’s a set of forged Advan Racing GT wheels to fill the extra width and complete the vehicle’s appearance.



The interior contains Japanese aftermarket goodies like a Key!s Racing steering wheel and unique carbon fiber Illest x Bride Zieg III Type R seats.




Concluding our coverage of the Super Street/Toyo Tires calendar launch event is this Scion FR-S from Pink Ribbon Racing. It hosts a myriad of different aero components installed; a Blitz front bumper, Rocket Bunny over fenders, and Voltex canards surround the Hyper Blue Volk Racing TE37 wheels.