The 23rd Annual All Toyotafest Takes Over Long Beach

There are several things you can always count on at the All Toyotafest; hundreds of modified and fully restored Toyota and Lexus vehicles, thousands of diehard enthusiasts, the smell of the ocean breeze, and a sun-drenched Sunday afternoon inside the beautiful Marina Green Park in Long Beach, California.

Now in its 23rd season, All Toyotafest has established into the pre-eminent Toyota event on the West Coast. With the best Toyotas and Lexus on display, from standard, tuned and modified cars, the event had something for everyone.

We’ve always looked forward to attending All Toyotafest; what makes this the big event of the year isn’t simply the timing, but the large variety of featured vehicles. While other car shows are usually open to vehicle of all makes and models, the All Toyotafest show caters strictly to 600 of the best 60s-to-current Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Vendor participation nearly doubled in size from last year event, and the relaxed outdoor atmosphere offered ample time for attendees to ask various questions or educate themselves on new and upcoming products.

Russ Capulong restored his ’72 TE27 Sprinter Trueno to factory specs, but also opted to modernize several items, such as the aftermarket rack and pinion and AE86 limited slip differential in a 10-bolt rear end. Capulong spent eight long years sourcing rare NOS (new old stock) components such as body panels, bumpers, JDM vents, hood and a set of rare 4-spoke Watanabe wheels, all shipped from Japan.

Land Cruisers have become a hot commodity among collectors. One look at this ’78 FJ40 is enough reason to go out and purchase one for yourself. Man-A-Fre Off-Road Solutions gave this LC a body-off restoration, but opted to remove the original powerplant and install a Chevy 5.7-liter Ram Jet 350 V8. Specially outfitted ARB lockers, Man-A-Fre carrier swing away tow bumper, and a BRB brake booster kit are among the many upgrades.

We bet your mom never owned a “Swagger Wagon” quite like this! Representing Speed Element out of Northern California, this Sienna was bagged and sporting a HKS supercharger.

The interior was fully redone in red diamond-stitched leather.

Bosozoku-style cars, better known as “Zokusha”, lined the vendor row.

Over-exaggerated fender flares, exposed oil coolers, hoods that jutting out over the front grill, and the infamous exhaust tips launching straight into the sky were typically seen in the 80s terrorizing the streets of Japan.

It’s not every day you see a Tercel outfitted with a 4AG power plant and Hoosier slicks, but according to the owner, this former grocery-getter spends much of its time competing at various autocross events.

This one-owner ’77 Celica GT owned by John Accard has remained in his possession for over 40 years. Over time, Mother Nature has punished the factory Orange metallic paint’s luster, so Accard decided rather than sell the car, to embark on a long and arduous journey to perform a frame-off restoration and restore it back to its original condition.

The JZA80 Supra is one of the most beloved Toyota cars of all time and commands respect from all formidable foes, including the domestic crowd.

This year’s event brought out a number of heavy hitters including Keith McGill’s stroked 3.4-liter machine. The engine, rear-end and driveline were all fully built to handle the Supra’s Comp turbo-equipped 1,000-plus-horsepower output. A full 8.50-certified roll cage and drag slicks are good indicators that this Toyota is much more than your typical show queen.

Another force-fed monster on display at this year’s show belonged to Brian Kallaher. His MK4 Supra was upgraded with twin GT28R turbos and tuned on E85 fuel with a ProEFI engine management system to the tune of 609 rear-wheel horsepower and 525 lb-ft of torque on top.

The Toyota S800 is documented as Toyota’s first production sports car. Powered by an 800CC engine, this 1,268-pound Targa top is super rare; only 300 left-hand-drive models were built in Okinawa.

Marty McFly was nowhere to be seen, but this replica ’85 4X4 truck featured in the 30th anniversary promo “At The Lake With Jennifer Parker” was signed by the original Back to the Future cast including Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown).

Jose Lalama’s TE28 ’73 Corolla wagon has undergone a series of modifications, including a turbocharged 3RZ engine pulled from a Toyota Tacoma.

Lalama opted to accessorize the vehicle with period-correct components including the interior for a clean look.

Russell Turnbull took the path less traveled when he decided to modify his ’94 SW20 MR2 with a 2GRFE 3.5-liter swap and Lotus Exige supercharger. The engine was pulled from a 2009 RAV4…bet it didn’t expect to live out its days this way!

Brian Duong’s ’13 FR-S owns bragging rights to being the first in the United States to wear Varis Kamikaze aero.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a fan of the Toyota C-HR, but after seeing Arnel Benitez’s murdered-out SUV, I can totally get down with this!

Nick Stonawski is a diehard HKS fanatic. His 766-horsepower ’94 JZA80 Supra is adorned with every HKS product imaginable listed in their catalog. Even my wife, a former HKS USA sales rep, approved of the vehicle and modifications!

This older-model ’86 AW11 MR2, resprayed in a custom two tone brown and black color scheme, caught our attention. Owning a car that’s 32 years old is one thing, but to maintain it to the level Edgar Pineda has accomplished is truly impressive.

Pineda swapped the original 4AG engine with a newer-gen 3SGTE power plant and mated it to a Garrett GTX3071 turbocharger to deliver 345 wheel horsepower and 363 lb-ft of torque.

The ’85 Celica GTS convertible was a rare commodity—only 4,400 were produced. The iconic 80s wedge styling with Can-Am fender flares delivered a sporty look to an otherwise tame 22RE-powered vehicle.

Did we mention there were a few Supras on display? 2JZ Motorsports built this 2JZGTE engine with 10:1 high-compression pistons, Titan Motorsports billet mains and caps, and 264 camshafts.

The rear parachute is a good indicator that this Supra eclipses the quarter mile in the single digits.

Super clean ’85 Celica Supra sporting some SSR EXC Super fins.

Did we also mention that it’s powered by a 2JZGTE power plant?

What’s a Toyota show without a few Corollas? Ryan Ibarra brought out his super-clean ’85 AE86 modified with a Vertex body kit, Work Equip 03 wheels, RSR ExMag exhaust and a slew of Cusco components.

What the heck is this? Your guess is as good as mine, but upon talking to the owner, I found out that this was a thing back in the day. The extended pick-up cab was offered by Cal-Camp Industries located in Hemet, CA.

Camber much?

It’s safe to assume the owner of this Scion xB is an avid fan of the Tennessee whiskey.

There are show cars, and then there are daily-driven cars. This Lexus IS300 was unmistakably a daily driver as indicated by the rock chips and battle scars.

This old-school Celica Supra was adorned with an 80s-theme paint job, but under the hood sat new-school 2JZGTE power.

Plan ahead! Finish those builds! Request that day off from work. If you missed out on the show, be sure to visit for info on next year’s event, which promises to be even bigger and better!