Wednesday Work Break: Evasive Motorsports Builds A Balanced S2000

Evasive Motorsports is one of Southern California’s foremost authorities on track-ready vehicle modification. Friends Mike Chang and Tony Kwan started the business in 2002, and still oversee the daily operations.

The pair were heavily involved in the automotive scene in the mid-to-late ’90s, and decided to take that passion and turn it into a business. The shop has routinely made headlines by constructing stunning builds for its customers, which has helped to grow the Evasive brand into a premier destination for enthusiasts looking for that extra edge.

One area where Evasive Motorsports seems to have a massive edge over the competition is within the Honda S2000 community.

“Most of the staff members here are current, or past, S2000 owners, so we are true S2000 fanatics. We have logged countless hours testing and fine-tuning these cars to our specification for both street and track use. We also have held many records at Buttonwillow with our Street Class S2000s in the past. We share all of our knowledge with our customers and assist them in purchasing parts, installation, and tuning of their cars to suit their needs,” explains co-founder Tony Kwan.

This particular S2000 came into the shop about three years ago after suffering an engine failure at the track. The customer requested a dedicated track car that challenges the driver, and the team at Evasive was able to finish up the dream build in about four months.

Their plan was never to build the fastest S2000, but a focused track car that helps the driver to emphasize driving technique and skill.

To get your own S2000 headed in the right direction, get in touch with the team at Evasive Motorsports, and while you’re at it don’t forget to follow them on Instagram and Facebook for product and build updates.