Canibeat Formalizes Quality Over Quantity at First Class Fitment 2018

Nine straight years! Can you think of any particular event that you’ve been going to that long, or even any hobby or interest that you’ve had for that long of a time period? A lot can happen in nine years. People change, interests change, friends change, and it’s hard to stay steady on course.

Over the past nine years, one thing has remained the same: once a year, as the leaves change color and the temperatures drop during the second weekend of October, hosts its annual First Class Fitment show at Princeton Airport in Princeton, NJ.

It’s one of the Northeastern United States’ premier automotive events, and an occasion that people travel to not only from neighboring states, but also from neighboring countries!

First Class Fitment is the end-of-the-show-season excuse that gives everyone accepted to display one final reason to bring their cars out before the weather gets rough in our area.

Instead of going into great detail about the event and all that it brings to our culture, I’d rather just show you. So be sure to check out the gallery below for the rest of my favorite scenes from the 9th annual First Class Fitment, and be on the lookout for details about next year’s event. The big one, the tenth anniversary of this event, and it’s sure to be an absolute banger. Rumor has it the organizers from Canibeat have something monumental up their sleeve to make it a special occasion. We can’t wait!