2021 Cars+Coffee Returned In May With Tons Of Variety

Additional photography: Brandon Cody

  • After a successful launch of Pit+Paddock last month, we follow up our Cars+Coffee series with another banger at Turn 14 Distribution headquarters.
  • Hawk Performance helped make this event happen and gave away more than 100 free goodie bags.
  • Featured on the front driveway was a JDM R32 Skyline GT-R, Varis Evo X, Subaru WRX STI S209, and turbocharged Integra.

It’s safe to say events are back! With more than ten other local get-togethers happening last weekend in the greater Philadelphia area, we were curious whether folks would still roll out to our Cars+Coffee series or make other plans. Thankfully there was no shortage of new and returning enthusiasts to the 2nd Pit+Paddock Cars+Coffee event of the year, this time presented by Hawk Performance.

We learned a thing or two from the inaugural cars and coffee, streamlining the roll-in process and making sure every parking space was maximized. This meant less traffic, less mayhem, and less people driving round-and-round looking for a spot. Hawk Performance was kind enough to give away 100 goodie bags to those who arrived first, and it wasn’t long before the hundreds of Dunkin’ Donuts we supplied found their way into the bellies of everyone there. But of course, the star of Cars+Coffee isn’t the freebies or food but the stellar cast of sweet rides that showed up.

This month we noticed an extra-wide array of vehicles in attendance, from Japanese and European sports car owners to a handful of off-road-ready SUVs and a nice selection of old school classics – our top picks being the R30 Skyline and Mercedes 280SE. In addition, the front driveway hosted four fan favorites, including Tyler Clauss’ turbocharged Acura Integra, Adam Elghriany’s Varis widebody Mitsubishi Evo X, Jeff Lebre’s R32 Skyline GT-R, and a super rare 2019 Subaru STI S209.

Before the clock struck twelve, the 450-plus cars and their owners had dispersed peacefully, leaving everyone with an entire afternoon to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. Pit+Paddock would like to thank everyone that came out. Also, please take note that Cars+Coffee will be taking a break next month as we’ll be focusing our efforts on the T14 Car Meet on June 12th. If you haven’t already registered (which is free), what are you waiting for?!