Turbo Integra And E36 M3 Sedan Among Standout Builds Of Cars+Coffee

  • 450+ cars in our lot alone meant we couldn’t analyze every car.
  • A special group of cars, including a turbo Integra, E36 M3 sedan, and a JZX100 Chaser, were among our favorites.

I know y’all already pored through the coverage of our May Cars+Coffee event that we published earlier this week. In it, there were tons of examples of the variety that showed up to support our second early gathering of the year. However, there were a couple of standout cars that we wanted to note separately. Plus, how can I resist the opportunity to yam about some interesting builds?

Turbo DC Integra

Let’s start it all off with this wild Integra. Positioned with some of my favorite Hondas that regularly attend our Cars+Coffees (thank you all for your constant support). I was first drawn in by the ripe red paint and gleaming white Regamasters. Once the white-on-red scheme lured me in, the open hood and glimpse into the engine bay kept me scanning as intended. A nicely equipped K-series engine swap resides in the bay, while a fat Precision turbocharger force-feeds extra fun. I was almost finished admiring it when I noticed something interesting on the taillight garnish — an OEM Honda sticker displaying “Realtime AWD”. At this moment, other onlookers saw the same badge and got down on all fours to inspect under the car. I joined in, and sure enough, it yielded a view of a custom-mounted CR-V rear subframe with its respective AWD-drivetrain setup. As if the K-swap wasn’t enough, or adding a turbocharger didn’t scratch the itch, an all-wheel-drive system keeps things that much more enjoyable. Nicely done.

E36 M3 Sedan

Much like the Integra, this is another one that goes just that little bit beyond what others dream of owning. Recently, (and potentially not-so-recently) there has been a spike in BMW owners’ desire for the “M3/4/5”. To further explain, within the E36 chassis, there are limited M3, four-door (4), five-speed (5) models. Combining these elements into a single example still in good enough nick to warrant ownership distinguishes the M3/4/5 from other E36s. Most owners of an E36 M3 like this particular Arktissilber Metallic sample would have been satisfied with it being an M3 in good condition, or with it being a four-door M3 in good condition, with the kicker being a manual four-door M3 in good condition, but not this owner. They took it one step further with an S54 engine from the E46 M3 swapped into its bay.
Along with the new powerplant, the accompanying six-speed manual transmission was equipped as well. Making this a unique M3/4/6 rolling on beautiful three-piece AC Schnitzer wheels with 135i Brembo brakes. Thanks for bringing it out; the car was a pleasure to examine.

JZX100 Chaser Tourer V

To keep this short, I’m only going to touch on one more car that stood out to me: this JZX100 Chaser Tourer V from the spectator lot(!). Now, something you need to know about me is that I love Chasers/Mark IIs/Crestas (even owned the economy version of one very briefly). On any given day, our parking lot here at Pit+Paddock sees Geoff Stoneback’s daily-driven JZX100 Mark II, and I can’t help but stare at it every time. You’d think after seeing it regularly that its allure would wear off? You’re wrong. The same lust carries over to this spotless slammed Chaser with Work wheels, ever-rarer Ganador mirrors, and Recaro confetti seats. I spoke with the owner for a minute. He disclosed that he’s got some goods on the way, like a new turbo manifold to replace the Tomei kit currently affixed to the 1JZ engine. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of this thing.

In all, there were too many unique and appealing cars to cover and not enough time to do it. That being said, we’re always keen to shoot the shit and better understand what went into some clever builds. So, if you see us walking around your car, feel free to introduce yourself. Thanks again to everyone who attended our May event. We’re taking a break from Cars+Coffee in June, but we’re co-hosting the T14 Meet with our friends from Turn 14 Distribution. Hope to see you there!