The Raceseng Experience Goes Deeper Than A Car Show

  • Raceseng was started back in 2005 by a father and son duo.
  • The company merges design and engineering with a passion for racing into its product line of elite shift knobs, tow hooks, and more.
  • Each year, Raceseng opens the doors to its 9,000 sq-ft facility in Alburtis, PA for the Raceseng Experience event.

In the past several years of working where I do, I’ve amassed an incredible amount of respect for many businesses in our automotive aftermarket industry simply by touring their operations. Raceseng — a manufacturer of various high-quality automotive accessories — is no different. Started in 2005, by father and son Glen and Jarret Seng, the brand has grown immensely over the years. Now offering myriad performance accessories with quality as the number one goal. I, admittedly, didn’t know the depth of its product creation process from the outside. So, what better way to learn more than to visit the company’s headquarters in Alburtis, PA, for its annual Raceseng Experience open house/car show event?


My decision to arrive at the event before its slated start time turned out to be a great idea. As the clock struck 10 am, the lot quickly became flooded with all sorts of vehicle types. Welcoming Raceseng staff members were on hand to greet attendees at the entrance and direct them to some open spaces. A stunning carbon fiber-clad McLaren 720S sat front and center, while various BMW models, an array of Nissans, and even a tastefully modded MKV Volkswagen GTI combined for an eclectic mixture.


The month of May in southeastern Pennsylvania is exceptionally manageable in terms of ambient temperature. Usually, it’s a mid-70 degree range with some cloud cover and a slight breeze. Ultimately, some of our nicest weather all year, and leading up to the day of the event, those exact measurements rang true. However, on the day, 92ºF. Yep, the forecast jumped about 20 degrees in a single day. Which made the asphalt feel pretty ruthless; luckily, the team at Raceseng had the So Cool Bus on location, an old school bus converted into an ice cream truck. Guests could also take salvation from the heat in the shade from the various booths, including Formative, The Clean Garage, or Raceseng’s own product showcase and racing simulator.


There was certainly plenty to see in the various parking areas around the grounds, and we’ll have some more on that in an upcoming article. However, what topped off the day was my impromptu invitation to tour the inside of Raceseng’s facility by Andrew Emsweller, the brand’s Digital Marketing guru. He shared how complex the company’s machining operations were, sometimes taking seven or eight trips through any one of the on-site Haas Automation CNC machines to get something as simple as a tug/tow hook or shifter paddles up to Raceseng’s standards.
Products aren’t concluded with machining, though. Instead, the intricate process continues with various trick finishes like burnt titanium lug nuts or multi-step upholstery on a wide array of shift knob options.


If you think the facility looks immaculate, you’re not mistaken. It is spotless. The same attention to detail evidenced by the quality control team (that rigorously inspects hundreds of shift knobs each week before seeing the light of day) keeps the whole operation sparkling clean and organized. Tooling options for the breadth of CNC machines are all labeled, and polishing stations look brand new; heck, even the scrap metal shavings have custom containers. It’s refreshing.

We want to thank the folks at Raceseng for the opportunity to tour their inner workings, see some well-built rides in their parking lot, and enjoy some cold treats to tide us over in the heat. Visit their website to learn more about their products and, if you missed it this year, look for more information on the next Raceseng Experience event; we know we already can’t wait.