Rare E34 M5 Touring, Jazz Blue JTI, And Bagged Mustang Draw Attention At Raceseng

  • Among our favorites was a bagged drag pack-equipped Mustang, a Jetta-fronted GTI, and an M5 Touring.
  • Somewhere around 200 cars came out to support the annual open house event.

Scouring rows of cars at events looking for unseen gems of builds is a gratifying activity. It’s a serotonin release that was missing for the majority of last year. However, with COVID restrictions opening up recently, there is an increased number of events to attend now, thus more chances to enjoy the pastime.

I had a great experience poring up and down the rows at our Cars+Coffee event in the past month. However, before my trip to Alburtis, PA, for the Raceseng Experience event, I was looking forward to perusing what else was out there. With more than 200 vehicles in attendance at the open house, it did not disappoint.


2018 BMW M2
The F87 M2 is a capable car right out of the box, and it’s pretty spectacular in its release color of Long Beach Blue (LBB), too. So to see this example with both a wider track and a fresh coat of LBB enveloping its widened panels was quite intriguing. Its additional width and wild lines, which come from a rare carbon fiber MTC.Design VGT (Vision Gran Turismo) widebody kit remains subdued in its factory paint, with carbon fiber accents still visible. The supplementary Air Lift Performance air suspension and the massive MTC.Design CR-22 wheels give the new aggressive body lines the punch needed to drive the aesthetics of this car home.


2003 VW GTI 20th Anniversary
I may be a die-hard Honda nerd, but I’m not afraid to say that certain Volkswagens were influential in my adolescent appreciation for cars. Seeing the 1.8T-equipped Platinum Grey MKIV Jetta GLIs and Jazz Blue 20th Anniversary MKIV GTIs in my high school parking lot left a lasting impression. To this day, I still enjoy those cars. So, when I laid eyes on this Jazz Blue 20th with a Jetta front end (occasionally referred to as a JTI), essentially combining those two cars into one sample, I was already smitten. However, its clean body, perfect stance (thanks to Air Lift Performance air suspension), and brushed-finish BBS Motorsport LM wheels were the cherries on top. Some cars just do it for me, and this was one of them.


There’s an intangible characteristic associated with this wagon. It possesses a certain aura that’s hard to explain. I was walking by the event’s entrance when I glimpsed it pulling up out of the corner of my eye, and its presence physically stopped me in my tracks (there are witnesses to vouch). Unfortunately, I was heading inside for my tour of Raceseng’s facility, so I couldn’t catch up with the owner.
Loyal readers remember my adoration for BMW wagons from Gabriel’s E39 article and Julian’s E30 feature. I suppose this is just a continuation of that same affection for the dynamic non-US-market Tourings. However, if this is the real deal (which I hope it is), not only was it never offered in the States, but it’s very rare. One of only 891 E34-chassis M5 Tourings ever produced between 1992 and 1995 anywhere in the world, of which only 209(!) had a manual transmission optioned. Only available in left-hand-drive European spec with a 340hp 3.8-liter S38 engine, this would be an incredibly rare sighting if it wasn’t some sort of tribute. If it was just a clone, bravo for the job well done, but if it’s genuine, then I’m happy to have witnessed something truly special and in such stunning condition!


2020 Ford Mustang GT
Last but not least, as I was getting ready to head out, I was taken aback by this black S550 Mustang absolutely slammed to the ground with drag pack Forgestar D5 Beadlock wheels and massive 305/45R17 Mickey Thompson ET Street R drag radials in the rear. Using Air Lift Performance air suspension, the body drops over the fat radials like an old tubbed hot rod. The corresponding skinnies accurately complete the stance in the front, while a black Raceseng tow hook complements the black badging throughout the chassis. I’m always down for some well-executed modifications like this, and if you know me, you know I love me a fat tire.

That’s going to do it for my recap of highlights from the Raceseng Experience event. Of course, there was plenty more to discuss, like a gorgeous 964 C2 with BBS LM wheels, a particularly racey GR Supra, and even a Calvo Motorsports Viper, but there’s just not enough time to cover it all. As I mentioned in my event recap, thank you to everyone at Raceseng for their hospitality and throwing a fun event. I’ll be back next year!