Camry Hybrid Drifts And J-Turns In New Commercial With You As The Driver

  • SiriusXM radio is standard on most current Toyota models, which include the 2022 Camry Hybrid.
  • Toyota and SiriusXM collaborate to film a car chase video that allows you to upload a personal photo and face swap with 70+ different stunt drivers.
  • 60-second customized video looks incredibly real and can be downloaded and shared across any social media platform.
  • The XR studio is a similar stage utilized in the popular Disney+ TV series The Mandalorian.

The new 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid is one of the last cars you’d expect for a stunt driver to get behind the wheel. Under the hood is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder that works in unison with an electric motor and lithium-ion battery. The whole powerplant is good enough for 208hp that’s transferred to the front wheels via an ECVT automatic. Despite the modest numbers, the midsize sedan does offer a smooth and decent power delivery. It also features more than enough handling and braking performance than the average consumer needs, which is perhaps why Toyota and SiriusXM teamed up to demonstrate just how thought-provoking a Camry Hybrid can be.

From the production crew, Sweatpants Media that brought you the 2022 Toyota GR Supra commercial known as “The Pitch” (nearly 15 million views on YouTube!), introduces a new and imaginative video concept called “Lights, Camera, SiriusXM”. In essence, it’s a commercial for the Camry Hybrid that follows actor Adam Rose through three unique driving scenes. He hops into a car with a professional wheelman and uses SiriusXM to change the radio station. Changing the station drops him into a different setting where the Camry Hybrid shows off its supernatural ability to drift, J-turn, and maneuver through tight spaces at speed.

Now here comes the fun part… The hired hot shoe is you! Using some of the latest augmented reality technology, anyone can upload a personal photo and put their face on the stunt driver. You’ve seen similar face altering and swapping features on Instagram and Snapchat; however, the great lengths Sweatpants Media went to make this as real-life as possible will astound you. Of course, if you’re short and light skin, you’re not going to put your face on someone dark and tall. To remedy this, the production crew shot 70+ actors and actresses to cover their bases. Toyota invited me to check out the process for myself and go through the experience of being recorded as a stunt driver. Since I’m basically a certified Transporter, I couldn’t say no!

All the driving scenes and backdrops were filmed before I arrived at Thunder Studios, which is a bummer because I would’ve loved to watch in person as the Camry Hybrid slid through a gas station and drag raced against a NASCAR in the desert. Thunder Studios features an XR (extended reality) stage that houses an enormous and curved LED screen that the crew can put their footage on to simulate being “on location”. Think of it as a next-level green screen, but better, faster, and easier to use. According to the production crew, it was developed by Lucasfilm, and how the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian was produced, so actors didn’t have to travel to Africa every time they wanted to film a scene. It was quite impressive to see in person, and sure enough, if you check out my video, it’s almost convincing that I was piloting the Camry (if it wasn’t for my awkward facial expressions).

The “Lights, Camry, SiriusXM” face-swapping experience launches this week at Check it out, upload your photo and be sure to share it with your friends (and with me if you decide to use me as a driver!).