JDM Skylines, GT-Rs, and More Brave the Rain at October Car Park Party

  • As the last car meet of 2021 at Turn 14 Distribution headquarters, Pit+Paddock follows up with a second Car Park Party – an evening car meet that features a live DJ and food trucks.
  • Anzo and The Chemical Guys co-presented the event that drew more than 250 modified cars.
  • Pit+Paddock collaborated with AnzoUSA to give away custom YETI Ramblers to the first 50 cars that arrived.
  • Many braved the elements to hang out with their fellow car community before hibernating for the winter despite torrential downpours.
  • The featured vehicle was the Nissan Skyline and GT-R, with 15 total in attendance.

I call Southern California home and can honestly say we’re spoiled. We can hop in our project cars and take off on for spirited drive in the canyons year-round. We can also link up with our friends and hit up one of many local car meets on any given weekend. For folks that live elsewhere (let’s say in the northeast), when October/November comes around, it typically means swapping over to the winter wheels or putting the car cover on, then waiting for spring to come a-knockin’. Knowing this, the team at Pit+Paddock decided to put together one last hoorah at Turn 14 Distribution headquarters and band together enthusiasts from the local PA/NJ area for our second Car Park Party presented by AnzoUSA and the Chemical Guys.

If you’re just hearing about Car Park Party, it’s our new event series that takes the traditional Cars+Coffee format and pushes it later in the evening with the addition of food trucks and music. Throw in some wicked cool giveaways (we gave away 50 YETI Ramblers thanks to Anzo), as well as curate a special lineup of rad cars (in this case, Nissan Skylines and GT-Rs), and we had ourselves one unforgettable car meet to close out 2021!

Now, I must hand it to the car scene out here in the Philadelphia region because, in SoCal, the littlest droplets of rain will have car guys and girls freaking out. Also, not uncommon for events to get canceled due to a little dusting of moisture. Our Car Park Party wasn’t blessed with dry weather. Instead, it received some heavy rainfall. Despite the storm, hundreds of enthusiasts braved the elements and stuck around until nightfall. Perhaps they knew it was the final event of the year, or they simply didn’t mind getting their cars dirty; whatever the case, it was a refreshing sight to see.

From all of us at the Pit+Paddock team, we’d like to thank everyone that supported our Cars+Coffee and Car Park Party events at Turn 14 Distribution this year. We’re looking forward to seeing you very soon in 2022, rain or shine!