October Car Park Party Highlights: JZ Swaps, Mustangs, and More

  • More than 250 cars attended despite less than favorable conditions.
  • JZ swaps were a common favorite among the highlights.

Earlier this week, we released the recap of our most recent Car Park Party presented by Chemical Guys and AnzoUSA. We wanted to elaborate on a few of the standout cars that made the trek through the impending doom of thunderstorms to support our event. The bleak forecast couldn’t stop these cars from finishing off our events for the year in style.

R32 GT-R with Gold BBS LMs

We tried valiantly to assemble a collection of Skylines and GT-Rs as the feature cars to really set off our final Horsham, PA event of the season. However, with thunderstorms forecasted during the very same hours we were throwing the event, many of them either couldn’t make the trip or needed to leave early (understandably so). I was surprised, however, that a handful of them stuck it out through the downpour, including this black R32 GT-R. The gold finish on the BBS LM wheels accented the clean black paint on the exterior and even matched the kevlar Zoom Monaco mirror inside. A few onlookers gathered while the owner opened the hood, and I was excited to see the well-kept engine bay featuring a Koyorad Racing aluminum radiator. According to the owner, there’s a whole mess of JDM engine parts set to find shelter within (or on) this RB26DETT, including a little more kevlar. We can’t wait for that.

Yellow Widebody 1JZ-Swapped E36

Initially, I spotted this E36 from the rear, which was easy to do with its bright yellow hue shining through the dreary atmosphere. The rivets and widened panels on the fenders (and doors) piqued my curiosity a little further, and as I rounded to the front of the car, I certainly wasn’t expecting its powerplant to be a 1JZ-GTE! I’ve been screenshotting more and more E36 sedans on my phone recently, so it’s clear their styling is my flavor of the week, but a JZ makes it that much sweeter, and I’m glad this one braved the weather to show support so that I could catch a glimpse of it.

Red Z32 with 2JZ-GTE and TE37s

Similar to the E36, I think the Z32 is hitting its stride as it ages, and I’ve found myself screenshotting more of them through my various journeys across the internet. Their popularity leans toward marginally overlooked in comparison to their other Z relatives. They’re a little on the bigger side, I’ll admit, but their styling is pretty sleek, in my opinion. Sure, they have a cramped engine bay in factory twin-turbo spec, but there’s a remedy for that. Swap in a 2JZ-GTE like this owner did, and so many elements of this car become better. Power output increases, aftermarket support multiplies, and extra room in the engine bay grows. We liked the additions of the Volk Racing TE37 SAGA Time Attack wheels on the exterior and the various Vibrant Performance components in the spotless engine bay. This 300ZX was such a well-built example, and we were excited to see it.

S197 Mustang With (Basically) Slicks in the Rain

As someone who has driven home from the track with bald tires in the rain, I can’t even begin to tell you how sketchy it is to drive in inclement conditions without tread navigating standing water away from your contact patch. I vividly remember trying to drive straight very slowly, with my steering wheel countersteered to the side while my car’s rear veered increasingly toward perpendicular. It was a losing battle and resulted in me driving about 15 mph home. With that said, I was shocked when this S197 Mustang pulled into the lot wearing fat Mickey Thompson ET Street R tires in the rear with skinnies up front on its Weld Racing wheels. Not necessarily the recipe I’d choose for rainy conditions in a docile car, let alone one that generates enough power from its stout VMP supercharged engine to warrant a parachute affixed to the rear. The owner is a certified badass for driving this car in this spec through these conditions, and I hope they made it home safely.

That about does it for our Horsham, PA events this year. There were countless other cars to cover, but I’ll stop my highlights list there. As always, thank you to all of our guests and attendees for showing their support at our events. We’re cooking up some new ideas for 2022, so stay tuned to see what’s coming.