Meet the Green Bay Native Who Can Build Your Perfect BBS E88 Wheels

  • The 444hp BMW M2 CS is faster and sharper than the standard M2 Competition model and limited to 2,200 examples worldwide.
  • Green Bay native Brett Schleis has turned his 2020 M2 CS into a legit weekend track car with Ohlins coilovers, AP Racing brakes, Akrapovič exhaust, and more.
  • Also known as “Slicer” throughout the BMW community, Brett is a custom wheel expert, primarily for multi-piece BBS.

It’s Week 13 of the NFL football season, and pictured here is a 2020 BMW M2 CS in front of iconic Lambeau Field — home of the Green Bay Packers. Now, before we dive into the car and its owner, a quick tidbit about the stadium and the city of Green Bay. Lambeau is the oldest operating stadium in football, having opened its doors in 1957. The stadium seats roughly 81,000 fans, which is impressive considering Green Bay, Wisconsin’s population is only a notch above 104,000. As you can imagine, Green Bay is a football town. People live and breathe anything dark green and gold. I witnessed this firsthand during my short visit earlier this summer when I noticed every gas station, road sign, restaurant, and bar had some sort of Packers paraphernalia. It’s awesome if you’re a hardcore football fan, but for guys like Brett Schleis, he’s one of the few residents of Brown County that would prefer spending his Sundays at nearby Road America than seeing if Aaron Rodgers can win another Super Bowl. This contrast is perhaps why you might think it was a bit unusual for me to snap some photos of his beautifully executed Misano Blue M2 CS outside the stadium. He’s not into football; however, what was surprising to me was that I found someone that possessed such an enormous IQ and passion for high-performance cars in one of the most unlikely regions of America. It was only fitting to photograph his M2 CS in front of something recognizable to Green Bay like Lambeau Field. Without further ado, enjoy our interview with Brett Schleis, who also goes by the name of Slicer. Why is the name Slicer important? If you’re ever on the hunt for the perfect set of custom BBS wheels, he might be the right man you want to call.

Many people know you by the name of “Slicer,” but elaborate more on what you do?
Slicer is based on my passion for enhancing BMW and Porsche cars. It’s true that I have a great partnership with BBS and have really built my name around helping customers with their perfect BBS wheel spec. The BBS E88 is a made-to-order wheel, and I consult with customers to build their perfect spec around their car setup. In addition to wheel fitment, I also specialize in track-oriented suspension, safety equipment (seats, harnesses, etc.), wheel studs, and more.

How long have you been doing this, and what made you get into this market?
I have been working on my own cars for 20+ years, but I started the business in 2019. I have long been obsessed with researching every detail about cars and have been a long-time contributor to BMW forums. Eventually, people began regularly seeking information and advice from me for their cars. Ultimately, I realized that I should turn my passion into a business. I only sell products that I would put on my car. I make zero compromise on quality for profit. I focus on brands and products that produce results and do my best to guide people towards the right parts for their needs.

What’s your favorite wheel design? And favorite set of wheels you sold to a customer?
BBS E88 is, of course, my favorite! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but it was an honor to be part of this year’s Turn 14 Distribution / BMW CCA raffle car (M2 Competition).

Are all your customers BMWs, and have you always been a BMW guy?
Most of my customers are BMWs, but I do Porsche as well. I have always been into BMW. My first car was an E36 M3. I did have a few Audis over the years (S4 Avant and RS 6), but I have always enjoyed BMW’s design philosophy.

Most people will be shocked to know you’re based in Green Bay. How is it living there and the car scene?
The car scene here is not good. However, Road America, my favorite track in the U.S., is only one hour away!

Finally, tell us about your M2 CS and what you’ve done to it. Do you have plans to do anything else?
The M2 CS has been a fantastic starting point for me to showcase the parts that I sell. I am developing it into a true “Clubsport” M2 with track capabilities far beyond BMW’s design.

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