700hp 6×6 Land Rover Defender Defines Off-Road Luxury

  • The build’s originators at Urban Warrior named it “The Flying Huntsman”.
  • Powered by a 700hp VMP-supercharged 5.0-liter Ford Coyote V8 engine and a six-speed 6R80 automatic transmission.
  • Project Kahn composite exterior panels, FOX suspension, and custom heated/cooled Recaro interior seats top the mod list.

I’ve strived to bring unique features to the website for readers, so I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Up until now, none of them have been capable off-road. However, this Land Rover left me speechless. What started as a 1993 Defender 90 has transformed into this 6×6 monster. Josh Stroud and the crew at Hyper Offroad and Performance took on the project for a customer after the conversion had already happened. Still, they had a major project on their hands.


Hyper Offroad and HyperFast Cars are sub-brands of Hyper Car Development with locations in Charlotte, NC, and Los Angeles, CA. HyperFast Cars makes Mclarens faster and modifies other exotic automobiles. On the other hand, Hyper Offroad takes Ford Raptors and brings them up to par where the Blue Oval fell short from the factory.


One standard change they apply to Raptors is removing the pumped-up EcoBoost V6 for the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine that Ford should have equipped from the beginning. If that’s not enough, they build boosted applications making over 1,000whp with radical suspension setups. They also have a hand in trophy trucks on the West Coast, and Ken Block is one of their customers.


The madmen behind the build is originally a Canadian-based company called Urban Warrior, known for building custom SUVs. This unit was their most radical yet. They call it “The Flying Huntsman”. So many issues arise on a massive undertaking such as this, and that’s where Hyper Offroad came in. With the 6×6 conversion already equipped, numerous other items needed revamping. Even the powertrain got a complete overhaul.


The customer experienced varying issues in the suspension, wiring, and driveline. So Hyper acquired the contract to rework the whole truck to a new condition. The Defender needed to be completely stripped down and rewired from scratch, one wire at a time down to the last wire. Hyper has years of experience in wiring work, so they repinned the entire truck and ECU, returning it to a proper working condition.


The powertrain? A 700hp, VMP-supercharged 5.0-liter Ford Coyote V8 backed by a 6-speed 6R80 automatic transmission propels the Huntsman. A tremendous improvement compared to the lazy 182hp 3.9-liter V8 that previously resided in the truck’s engine bay. Hyper Offroad’s real expertise came in handy on the suspension and driveline upgrades. Even though the 6×6 conversion was already equipped, all geometry needed correcting for actual off-road performance. The Rover’s extra pass-through center axle made it more complicated. The driveline itself is very impressive, though. It sports FOX shocks on all four corners and holds three Ford 9-inch axles in place with a Detroit TrueTrac differential handling power application. A heavy-duty transfer case attached to the six-speed auto distributes the 700hp to the third front axle.


Some adjustments needed to be done under the hood as well. The VMP supercharger hit the hood, and the engine was pushed up too close to the radiator. The solution meant lowering and coming back with the motor’s mounting position. While the engine was out to reshape its location, the team at Hyper went through the bay and powertrain to make adjustments. Josh, the welder of the shop, had to fabricate the entire 2.5-inch exhaust system. Simultaneously, the coolant, fuel, and other fluid pumping areas were overhauled.


This Land Rover is a no expense spared build, even down to the body kit. A Project Kahn composite kit and Puma hood bring sturdiness to the outside of the truck when on an adventure, while the matte grey paint stands tall against the elements. But, of course, no off-road adventure truck can be complete without a Warn winch, and this one has an 8,000-pound unit. Will it be needed to save this truck? Doubtful, but it’s there to help others on the trail. A snorkel exits outside the driver’s side fender and up to the roofline for any deepwater forging.


Moving onto the rolling mass, six 275/70/18 General red-lettered Grabber tires mounted on 18×9-inch Vision wheels keep the Rover moving through rugged terrain — while a 7th sits in the bed for emergencies. Heavy-duty Wilwood disc brakes stop the monster once it gets rolling on the trails.


The interior is just as lovely, loaded with features, odd for something capable of being submerged. Custom Recaro heated and cooled seats are wrapped in red-stitched leather front and rear, matching the console. A GPS/radio sits in the center of the dash and contains all the typical controls of a standard vehicle. Most Defenders came with manual transmissions. Now, an auto shifter sticks out of the center console, which honestly looks factory. A Dakota Digital dash keeps an eye on all the Coyote’s vitals. An Alcantara headliner and heated windshield complete the luxurious interior.

Josh and the Hyper Offroad crew had a tough time chasing their tail with this project, given what they had to work around. However, they’ve netted another wild build under their belt that taught them many things in just over a year. With this new iteration ready for off-road torture, comfortable driving, or 0-60 jolts, the best part came when the Defender was delivered to its happy owner.

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