P+P One Year In: We Expand Into A Creative Marketing And Athlete Management Agency

  • Can you believe it? We started Pit+Paddock one year ago!
  • In the time since, we reformatted our online magazine, started giveaway poster series, hosted numerous specialized events across the USA, and brought the Cars+Coffee experience to the fabled SEMA Show.
  • We’d like to thank everyone who has supported and followed us over the last 365 days.
  • Pit+Paddock’s newest expansion transforms into a full-service creative marketing and athlete management agency.

Pit+Paddock celebrated its first anniversary in the month of April. Initially established in 2015 as Front Street Media, the online magazine was relaunched six years later as Pit+Paddock, a redefined media outlet and lifestyle brand focused on performance car culture. Its goal was to venture beyond traditional media and bring together and inspire enthusiasts and industry partners through engaging experiences. In its first year, the brand has accomplished just that through its successful Cars+Coffee and Drivers Project series and its memorable activations at the 2021 SEMA Show.

As Pit+Paddock turns one year old, it continues to evolve, announcing today that it will be expanding its operations as a full-service agency with athlete management, video production, and event coordination.

Athlete management is a new endeavor for Pit+Paddock, and the brand will be announcing the signing of its first client in the coming weeks.

Video production is also a new service at Pit+Paddock with the addition of in-house specialists that are skilled in filming, editing, strategizing, and storyboarding. Clients will be able to select from a wide range of video offerings, from promotional and product-focused to lifestyle and feature films.

Event coordination continues to be a growing sector for Pit+Paddock. The next chapter in the brand’s event strategy includes exciting new industry collaborations and pop-ups slated to take place in car culture-heavy regions across the United States, including Texas and the Pacific Northwest.

“Pit+Paddock embodies the passion and enthusiasm of the automotive world and aims to curate a variety of experiences that capture what we love with our unique take on things,” Daryl Sampson, Publisher of Pit+Paddock.