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200+ Overland and Off-Road Rigs Take Over Cars+Coffee at CSF HQ
BY Sam Du //
May 3, 2022
Photography: Christian Villagran
  • After recording its largest car meet to date with 750 vehicles last month at Turn 14 Distribution, Pit+Paddock takes its Cars+Coffee series on the road to CSF headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, California.
  • Putting a new spin on the meet, Pit+Paddock focused on inviting and curating California’s rapidly growing overland and off-road community.
  • 200+ rigs came out and displayed, which included several examples from RIG.TALK, Pure 4×4, Yotamafia, Titan 7, K&N, Hawk Performance, Seibon, and more.
  • Cars+Coffee: Overland Edition saw the debut of the finished Pit+Paddock x CSF 4Runner TRD Pro, a project build that took six weeks to complete.
  • The most talked-about attraction was the “Flex Ramp,” a competition revolving around climbing an RTI ramp as high as possible before any other wheels leave the ground.

Hosting a brand-new car meet in Southern California is like opening a new fast food burger joint in a plaza that already has McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Burger King, Wendy’s, In N Out, and Carl’s Jr. There’s just too many established options to choose from, which is why you haven’t seen Pit+Paddock put together too many car events in sunny California except for last November’s Cars+Coffee LA Pop-Up. However, that particular event wasn’t your run-of-the-mill get-together as it showcased over 15 SEMA debut vehicles, featured a live barista and DJ, and offered limited-edition pin giveaways. The reality is, it’s not easy for any new car event to stand out and attract enthusiasts in the greater Los Angeles area, which is why we had to find a new hook when we decided to co-host an event with CSF. After some brainstorming amongst the teams and the idea of debuting our collaborative Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro build, it dawned on us to create a new event concept that catered specifically to the 4×4 community. Cars+Coffee: Overland Edition was born.

The root of every Cars & Coffee event is the same: casually getting together with like-minded enthusiasts to chill and talk about each other’s cars. We learned that the local truck community didn’t have too many of this type of event, so we teamed up with CSF to host our interpretation of a “trucks and coffee”-type meet at their headquarters and warehouse in Rancho Cucamonga, California. With help from big players in the community like RIG.TALK, Pure 4×4, and Yotamafia, in addition to our partners such as K&N, Hawk Performance, Titan 7, Westin, and Seibon, we filled the property and the surrounding overflow lots with lifted trucks and SUVs of all shapes and sizes. We estimate over 200 rigs rolled out; however, it was hard to gauge over the three-hour timeframe. However, numbers only tell a tiny part of the story. Everyone who showed up enjoyed the showing of vehicles that the majority were equipped with aftermarket suspension, chassis upgrades, all- and mud-terrain tires, and overland setups.

Undoubtedly, the biggest attraction was our “Flex Zone” competition which allowed rig owners to climb an RTI ramp, which measures a vehicle’s ability to flex its suspension. The higher a truck/SUV can climb the ramp and record a high RTI number, the better it typically is in its off-road prowess. We had some heavy hitters hit the ramp high, and a couple of wildcards give it a shot, for example, a lifted Subaru Crosstrek.

At the end of the day, all the competitors and spectators enjoyed the entertainment value of the Flex Zone, which complemented all the other elements that added to Cars+Coffee, which included the barista bar, breakfast burrito truck, limited edition mug and soup jar giveaways, and of course, the fine collection of fully-built 4x4s.

We’d like to give our partner CSF a special shout-out and thank you. Stay tuned for the full feature on our collab 4Runner build, but in the meantime, enjoy the photos of the TRD Pro here along with all the other sweet rigs from our first-ever Cars+Coffee: Overland Edition.





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