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Ken Block and Hoonigan Unveil 1,400HP AWD Porsche Pikes Peak Racecar in LA
BY Sam Du //
May 19, 2022
Photography: Renz Dimaandal
  • Last night, Hoonigan threw a party in Los Angeles to celebrate and unveil its latest racecar build nicknamed “Hoonipigasus.”
  • The driver of the Hoonipigasus is none other than Gymkhana star and rally pro driver Ken Block.
  • The Hoonipigasus is a Porsche 911 powered by a 1,400hp mid-engine, all-wheel-drive, 4.0L twin-turbo flat-six.
  • Developed by BBI Autosport, the 911 features hill climb-specific aerodynamics and a unique transmission tunnel designed for Ken Block that lowers the center of gravity.
  • The livery was designed by artist Trouble Andrew aka Guccighost and pays homage to the 1971 Porsche 917/20 “Pink Pig.”
  • Other cool features include a GPS height-adjusted and KW-based suspension based on the previous year’s telemetry, 2,200lb curb weight, Rotiform wheels, and Toyo tires.
  • Ken Block will climb Pike’s 14,115 ft and 12.42-mile course on Sunday, June 26th, competing in the PPO (Pikes Peak Open) class.

Ken Block will be driving a 1,400hp AWD Porsche 911 as he competes in the 100th running of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Let that sink in a little because that might be of the coolest stories of 2022, if not easily one of the most highly anticipated videos race fans around the world will watch. Ken requires little introduction to the universe as he’s none other than the wheelman who starred in Hoonigan’s super-viral videos – Gymkhana, Climbkhana, and Terrakhana. He’s also an accomplished pro driver, having won 25+ rally events, five X Games medals, and scored some grueling points in the halo WRC series. But of course, we all know the name Ken Block for his badass builds and ability to keep us glued to the computer monitor as we watch him slide, glide, and fly through his collection of short films that have garnered well over 600 million views on YouTube. Now, we await the coming of his next endeavor. He isn’t just going to blow up the internet piloting this mid-engine ‘n pink Porsche but also make history in one of the world’s oldest and most dangerous races.

Last night, the gang at Hoonigan invited Pit+Paddock to a private party in downtown LA to witness the unveiling of the “Hoonipigasus” (that’s Hoon-Ni-Pig-A-Sus). Sadly, the BBI Autosport-built 4.0-liter twin-turbo 911 wasn’t running yet, with things like the wiring and tuning incomplete. But on the outside, the mega-wide Porsche is nothing short of glorious. Its carbon/Kevlar aero is hill climb ready. Its unique livery, designed by artist Trevor Andrew aka Guccighost, pays homage to one of the most iconic race cars in Porsche Motorsport history – the 1971 917/20 “Pink Pig.” The whole shebang weighs a mere 2,200lbs (approximately 63.6 power-to-weight ratio).

It goes without saying, but this 911 will be pure madness rising 14,115 feet through the 156 scary turns of Pikes Peak Int’l Hill Climb. Don’t forget to tune in next month on June 26th. We’ll be watching.





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