Texas Cars+Coffee Brings Out 250+ Cars Including GR Corolla and Manual GR Supra Prototypes

  • With presenting partner Gates, Pit+Paddock hosts the first Cars+Coffee meet at Turn 14 Distribution’s Arlington, Texas, distribution center.
  • More than 250 modified cars rolled out from the greater Dallas area, including notable builds from Jotech Motorsports, T1 Race Development, and I Autowork.
  • Product specialists from Toyota Motor North America surprised attendees with a first look at the 2023 GR Corolla and 2023 GR Supra A91-MT Edition.


The concept of Cars & Coffee has been around for two decades and is something that has become a big part of our identity here at Pit+Paddock. Over the last four years, we have been hosting our own version of “Cars+Coffee” by organizing Saturday morning meets at Turn 14 Distribution headquarters in Horsham, Pennsylvania. Unlike traditional C&C events, which are more loosely structured and typically take place in shopping mall parking lots, we strive to provide an elevated experience with complimentary coffee and donuts, improved traffic flow, and a curated display of builds for all to admire. This year, our goal has been to continue to evolve the Cars+Coffee series by putting together themed events like our Overland Edition meet at CSF last month and expanding to new communities across the country, such as our latest pop-up in Texas.


With the help of our presenting partner, Gates, a leader in performance belts and transmission and fluid components, we traveled south, where we hosted Cars+Coffee at the Turn 14 Distribution facility in Arlington, TX, for the first time. The Arlington distribution center initially opened in August 2018 and features a 272,000-square-foot facility. For Cars+Coffee, we would utilize the main front parking lot and the building’s loading bays to accommodate vehicles that showed up. And to show our appreciation, free Starbucks iced coffee and Dunkin’ donuts would be offered to every guest.


Our Cars+Coffee Texas Edition was deemed a huge success as 250+ car owners braved 90+ degree temperatures. We’re grateful for the crews at Jotech Motorsports, T1 Race Development, and I Autowork, all of which rolled deep with several high-horsepower builds that graced the main lot. Our friends at Toyota Motor North America also brought a couple of surprises, including the first public showing of the “CU Later Gray” manual-equipped 2023 GR Supra A91-MT Edition. A red 2023 GR Corolla Core Edition was also a crowd favorite as several enthusiasts, and local media snagged photos and videos of the much-anticipated AWD hatch. Lastly, we must thank MotorCar Collective for bringing the rarest ride to the event, a GR Yaris recently imported from Mexico.

From all the staff at Pit+Paddock as well as our presenting partner Gates, thank you, Dallas! We look forward to coming back soon!