A Bespoke RSR-Built Porsche 993 With Extreme 4.0L Propulsion

Additional photography: David T. Gillen

  • Custom-tailored Porsche took 14 months to build by Jeff Gamroth of Rothsport Racing.
  • Powered by 4.0L naturally aspirated flat six producing 460hp at 7800rpm and max torque of 330 lb-ft
  • You can find Tim Strehl and his bespoke Porsche 993 at most of the PCA or Chin Motorsports events instructing and giving ride-alongs at different tracks across the U.S.

Have you ever had a suit custom tailored for you? First, you have to schedule and meet with a tailor to get all the measurements. Then you choose the kind of suit and material before the tailor starts making it. Tim Strehl’s bespoke Porsche 993 was tailored personally by Jeff Gamroth of Rothsport Racing (RSR) in Oregon. Tim started track days in a 2011 Porsche GT3 RS. After experiencing the raw feeling of an air-cooled chassis, he needed another track toy but with a little more power than the tame 272hp output of the stock 993. That’s when the commission for one of the most powerful naturally aspirated engine and car builds began.

The Suit Process

Tim’s “suit” or Porsche 993 build process started in 2014 at Rothsport Racing in Sherwood, Oregon. Its owner, Jeff Gamroth, is a name almost all Porsche enthusiasts know. With a CV ranging from crew chief of Alex Job Racing’s 2002 American Le Mans GT-winning team to preparing Porsche Baja builds, Gamroth was the right one to call. After several meetings with Tim, the pair decided the car would be focused for the track. The Voodoo Blue color of Tim’s 993 was not necessarily Jeff’s favorite color for a Porsche, but once it was out of the paint booth, it quickly became one of his favorite builds.

Engine and Powertrain

The RSR-built Porsche 993 features a 4.0-liter, naturally aspirated flat-six engine pushing 460hp @ 7800rpm and max torque of 300 lb-ft. With a little adjustment in the MoTec system, it could generate more hp and rev up to 8200rpm, but for Tim’s purpose, 460hp is more than enough. The engine build features Rothsport Racing’s custom-built slide valve injection system, rods, pistons, cylinder heads, and other billet pieces for Tim’s 993.

Once assembled and tuned, the RSR 993 has the power of the modern-day GT3 RS but with fewer electronics, including those involved with its all-wheel drive, ABS, PDK, and traction control systems. Tim prefers the analog feeling of having complete control while driving with the help of a 997 Cup power steering pump.

Style of Suit: Exterior

The exterior is a tribute to the Le Mans-spec 993 GT2 RS. Most of the panels are carbon kevlar except for the doors and chassis frame. The huge carbon fiber wing in the rear was modeled from the 993’s Le Mans era to create more downforce in the rear.

Shoes: Suspension, Brakes, and Wheels

After getting a ride in Tim’s RSR 993, I can attest it feels like you’re on a rollercoaster but way more luxurious and comfortable. This was all thanks to the decades of research, testing, and development by Jeff Gamroth. The special formula for the RSR 993 was having custom handling work by EXE-TC Suspension from the UK and having custom-sized Stoptech brakes. A set of Hoosier slicks are wrapped around custom BBS LM wheels to round out the chassis.

Fabric Material: Interior

The focus for Tim’s RSR 993 was primarily for the track, so other than the Alcantara headliners, dash, and custom door cards, the interior is pretty bare. A cage was welded in with OMP bucket seats, and Schroth Racing 6-point harnesses for safety. A Tilton pedal box for footwork controls the throttle and braking. A dual master cylinder helps adjust front and rear brake bias with an adjustment knob located on the dash.

When you get a custom-built car like this made just for you, you appreciate all the efforts and work done by the “tailor”.   Tim’s bespoke RSR-built 4.0-liter Porsche 993 is used as intended and has seen tracks all over the U.S., such as Laguna Seca, Chuckwalla, COTA, Road Atlanta, Mid Ohio, and VIR, to name a few. Having a car like this built right is how a suit should fit once it is made for you.

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