Bonus Coverage From The Performance Car Invitational at Formula DRIFT Seattle

Photography: Neri Valenti

  • Pit+Paddock hosts its first-ever organized car show with presenting partner Radium Engineering at Formula DRIFT Seattle in Monroe, Washington.
  • Focusing on quality, 45 of the Northwest’s finest performance-themed builds were invited to display, including drift-spec Nissans and high-powered Hondas.
  • Harnessing the spirit of Pit+Paddock’s Cars+Coffee series, exhibitors were provided complimentary coffee and sandwiches.

Our Pit+Paddock Performance Car Invitational story went live already, but we’re not done quite yet with our coverage. Seattle-based shooter Neri Valenti submitted his photos from roll-in, and they are every bit as awesome as it gets. His images capture those early morning moments where car show exhibitors are half-asleep/half-awake and applying their last-minute detailing touches.

For me, roll-in is my favorite part of any car show as it’s the first time I get a chance to see each cool car in the flesh. For this event, there was some anticipation for the reveal of Nikolay Konstantinov’s green Nissan S15 Silvia. As it drove in, you could see everyone’s jaws drop, including mine! Roll-in is also one of the only times during an event you’ll get to hear the engines and smell those exhaust fumes, making it more of an experience to me than just walking around a static show.

With the help of our presenting partner Radium Engineering, we were also able to do a few things differently for this show: offer a coffee and breakfast service for all 45 car show exhibitors. As a former car show competitor myself, I know how painful those 6:00 AM wake-up calls can be, then driving 1-2 hours to a car show just to get there and wait around until you can get positioned in the show. So, we came up with the idea to give them a little caffeine boost and nourishment to show our appreciation for coming. Thank you, guys!

Without further ado, enjoy these photos from Neri, and we’ll have another update from our second Ride with Dai experience next.