Cars+Coffee Season Closer Shines in PA Despite Gloomy Forecast

Photography: Brandon Cody

  • Pit+Paddock finishes off its home-based Cars+Coffee events with a season closer presented by Aeromotive.
  • The lucky first 50 guests received Aeromotive swag bags, while the remaining attendees enjoyed complimentary Starbucks coffee and Aeromotive-branded microfiber rags.
  • Local photographers rallied standout Honda builds together for a memorable photo opportunity.


Our recent Cars+Coffee Season Closer presented by Aeromotive at Turn 14 Distribution’s HQ, sealed our home-based PA events in 2022. We’re grateful that enthusiasts in our region keep attending in droves and asking us to host more, but with so many other projects happening, it’s tough to keep the show going in PA. Previously, we committed to monthly Cars+Coffee events in PA, maxing out at around eight Horsham events. This schedule took its toll. We sacrificed our goal of spreading throughout the nation to enrich our locale, and while we wouldn’t take anything back, it stalled our outward footprint. For 2022, we took the opposite route. We hosted events in different regions across the United States to grow our community, including our Ride With Dai Experience drift ride-along series, Performance Car Invitational car show, and our annual Drivers Project road trip. We even moved our Car Park Party down to Delaware this year. The result was only hosting two events in PA, but we hope everyone understands that we’re not abandoning our die-hard home community. We’re just trying to branch out and grow this thing so we can keep throwing events for the long term.


So, this year is a perfect indicator that we can’t predict the weather. It’s been such a dry year for the PA region, yet, it still rained on both of our home events. We receive countless messages from people asking us to reschedule our events due to the weather, but the truth is, we have too much other stuff going on and travel commitments that cannot be postponed or adjusted based on something as unpredictable as the weather. The result is us hosting rain or shine. It’s always a toss-up on whether or not our devout fan base will support our gatherings with less-than-stellar forecasts. However, time and time again, you all amaze us with your attendance. We’re grateful everyone understands the community we’re trying to build with our meets, regardless of the climate attached.

This particular season closer event was —unfortunately — tied to the remnants of Hurricane Ian. We rigorously checked the forecasts to ensure we weren’t hosting an event in unsafe conditions, and the rain and high-speed winds dissipated right in time for a calm duration of Cars+Coffee. The cloudy (and sometimes drizzling) gathering yielded a stout attendance of over 400 cars, including different generations of Nissan’s celebrated S-chassis and several well-tailored Honda models. We especially liked seeing each band together for some memorable photo ops!


First of all, a massive thank you goes out to our presenting sponsor, Aeromotive, and to everyone who has attended any of our events in Pennsylvania this year. We appreciate everyone’s support, and your requests for more PA events haven’t fallen on deaf ears. We’ll be back with a renewed schedule next year and look forward to seeing you in PA (maybe more frequently) in 2023! For now, we still have a handful of events happening in the coming weeks throughout the nation, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re outside of the tri-state area.