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Eventuri’s Rowdy C8 Carbon Fiber Intake Debuts at T14 HQ on IND’s First Vette
BY Mike Maravilla //
February 23, 2023
Photography: Brennan Long / Brandon Cody
@brennan610 / @bcody_formative
Videography: Mike Maravilla
  • Eventuri leverages its vast experience in Aeronautics to engineer real-world performance gains for some of the world’s most popular European and JDM vehicles.
  • The UK-based outfit has targeted USDM entry for some time and the Corvette C8 was an appropriate entry point.
  • Eventuri created a handsome carbon fiber intake system that challenged convention in the name of finding horsepower.
  • The new system was introduced to Turn 14 Distribution dealers and employees during an educational Dealer Summit, which included product training and a demo vehicle showcase.

Evolution is a tricky thing. Time can create pressure for success, and with it, a boxing match between innovation and convention. Eventuri, a UK-based outfit for carbon fiber induction systems and styling products, has been able to walk this line with exacting grace. After crafting some of the world’s most beautiful and performance-producing intakes for the better part of a decade, Eventuri’s market presence has afforded them the luxury of boldness and the freedom of exploration.

While they may have initially focused on the European and JDM car markets, it’s no secret that their annual visits to the United States for SEMA had ulterior motives. Indeed, both Bilal Mahmood and Imran Arshad (the owners of Eventuri), had begun a multi-year reconnaissance mission for the USDM market. Their curiosity for American muscle soon led them to one important question: what would be the perfect car to start with?


As luck would have it, Chevrolet provided the perfect opportunity. The manufacturer recognized that the C7 Corvette’s traditional powertrain layout had maximized its potential and a radical shift was in order for the next generation. This pivotal decision had, crucially, reset the aftermarket playing field. With the C8 in their sight lines, Eventuri approached the fresh challenge with open arms.

This enthusiasm cooled slightly. C8 deliveries to the UK stalled due to supply chain issues, which would put Eventuri behind some of its stateside competitors. Ever eager to help Eventuri expedite its development, Chicago-based IND Distribution purchased a Corvette of its own. With spirits re-energized, both Mahmood and Arshad were back in the United States to pull the factory fresh car apart.

Amidst this exercise, they discovered one major limiting factor: the OEM trunk panel. As a result, it was clear the factory intake was a compromise between performance and utility. Recognizing that the average C8 owner will be more concerned with the former, Mahmood set to work on engineering a creative workaround. By reimagining the truck space altogether, Mahmood was also able to think more freely about the intake’s size and shape to maximize both performance and aesthetics.


The result of this effort was profound. Eventuri’s heavily reworked trunk panel netted a massive volumetric gain without encroaching on too much of the Corvette’s precious utility space. The carbon filter housing is reminiscent of their 991 GT3RS treatment, but where the Porsche’s system is stealthily hidden behind the bumper, the C8’s — thanks to a clear Polycarbonate window — is on full display for all to admire.

Like the popular American credo goes, there is certainly no replacement for displacement here. Eventuri’s C8 carbon fiber intake takes full advantage of the engine bay’s new breathing space. Thanks to the intake’s massive internal volume (the largest in the market today), the Eventuri intake boasts a much higher flow capacity, the likes of which will continue to pay dividends as owners push horsepower figures northward.

The aforementioned filter housing also creates a much more direct path for air to travel through its sealed chambers. A byproduct of this cumulative work is cooler inlet temperatures, which help provide consistent power regardless of engine demand.


Despite being a primarily BMW-centric shop, Eventuri’s USDM exercise had even prompted IND Distribution to dip its toes into the pool as well. While Mahmood and Arshad returned to the UK, IND quickly started modifying the C8 from front to back.

While they were able to call for help from some familiar faces (including the newest titanium exhaust from Akrapovic), the domestic platform meant that they had to forge some new partnerships as well. A trip to SEMA was fruitful — they were able to see the APR Performance carbon fiber aero pieces in person and deduce that the suite (a carbon fiber front lip, side skirts, and rear diffuser) added the right amount of aggression. A Verus Engineering carbon fiber ducktail add-on rounded out the cosmetic perfectly.

Of course, all these aero mods would look out of place on factory footwear. A new relationship with Titan 7 was a good excuse as any to fit a set of double-staggered TD6e wheels. The Techna Bronze finish adds a distinct pop of color to the otherwise spartan exterior. Underneath, a front and rear Radi-CAL Competition big brake kit from AP Racing was a substantial stopping power upgrade without any wheel clearance issues. Paragon Performance lowering springs helped the C8 sit just right atop its new shoes without sitting obnoxiously low.


Sitting in the Turn 14 Distribution lobby, IND’S C8 is an emotionally evocative addition — especially with Eventuri’s conversation-starting centerpiece that has stirred the segment.

We can talk all day about Eventuri’s engineering wizardry, but crudely speaking, it is simply the sickest aftermarket intake we’ve ever seen. Add in the optional Eventuri engine cover and you will not only be the envy of ‘Vette owners at your weekend cars and coffee, but you’d probably get an approving nod from everyone else as well.


Eventuri, by way of IND’s G82 M4, made its debut in the T14 lobby nearly a year ago. Like then, Eventuri’s commitment to innovation today is unquestionable. With mutual trust in their collective experience, Mahmood and Arshad challenged each other to push the proverbial envelope. As ever, fortune favored the bold, and Eventuri has managed to recreate that “it” factor for an exciting new market. If this system is any indication of what’s to come, we can’t wait to see what may lurk up their sleeves next.

Special thanks to IND Distribution for entrusting another well-executed platform to the T14 lobby.

IND Distribution | 2023 C8 Corvette Stingray

Exterior: APR Performance carbon fiber front lip, APR Performance carbon fiber side skirt set, APR Performance carbon fiber rear diffuser, Verus Engineering carbon fiber ducktail rear spoiler
Interior: All OEM
Engine/Drivetrain: Eventuri C8 Corvette black carbon fiber intake system, Eventuri C8 Corvette black carbon fiber engine cover, Akrapovic titanium exhaust, Paragon Performance oil and coolant caps
Brakes/Suspension: AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition big brake kit (front and rear), Paragon Performance C8 Corvette lowering springs, Paragon Performance C8 Corvette engine braces
Wheels/Tires: Double-staggered (19"/20") Titan 7 TD6e in Techna Bronze, Michelin PS4s 245/35/19 (front), 305/30/20 (rear)


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