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Evasive Motorsports Imagines A Jaw-Dropping S2000R That Honda Should Have Made
BY Mike Maravilla //
May 16, 2023
Photography: Sam Du
Additional Photography: The ID Agency
  • The S2000R represents Evasive Motorsports’ resto-mod interpretation of the road-going S2000 and will be built in limited numbers for customers worldwide.
  • The “Type R” shoehorns a K20C1 engine from the FK8 into its bay, bringing modern horsepower numbers and delivery to a fan-favorite chassis.
  • This $100,000+ resto-mod is the ultimate expression of the S2000 chassis and Honda’s sporting ethos all the same.
  • The S2000R made its own splash at Evasive Motorsports’ S2000RS Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) reveal amidst several Honda lineage icons.

Without exception, the S2000 is either a car you own or a car on a very short list of cars you aspire to put in your garage one day. Being a roadster has taken nothing away from its pliability as a driver-focused tool; it was allegedly developed by Honda designers and engineers without marketing input to ensure that this car came to life as a pure expression of the brand’s ethos. And it worked.

Evasive Motorsports has harnessed that same energy into its latest S2000 projects. The first, named the S2000RS, is a car that we’ve mentioned before and played the leading role at its unveiling last week in Los Angeles. The second is the car that you see in front of you here. It is Evasive’s take on what a production S2000 Type R would be — a car that was never made, but one that made me fill out every chain letter on MySpace (remember, it came out in 1999) hoping it’d convince the dial-up deities that it should.


The coveted “Type R” designation is arguably one of the most respected in the automotive world. So much in fact, when we say “S2000R” you immediately know where it ranks in the family. As such, Evasive Motorsports knew there would be lofty expectations for this street car. But this wasn’t intended to be a one-off — Evasive intended to make the S2000R into a bespoke program — Honda fans the world over can actually order this vehicle through Evasive, that is if you have the cash to afford it. It promises to exceed the $100,000 mark with ease.

There are many “shoutier” cars you can buy for that money, for sure. But this isn’t for anyone who is cross-shopping a Gallardo. The appeal of this car is in the purity and subtlety of its execution. While the front bumper is an OEM 20th anniversary piece, the rest of the exterior — front lip, fenders, rear wing, and so on — is exclusive to Evasive’s S2000R program. They are differences that real Honda heads could point out or would require a standard example parked alongside for the rest of us to understand. That is an immense compliment.


Chassis #000, as it has been called, preserves its sense of subtlety throughout. Okay, the red Recaro Podium carbon fiber buckets aren’t exactly low-key, but Honda fitted the original S2000 with quite a loud pair of red seats, too. Aside from that indulgence, a set of EVS Tuning carbon fiber door cards and Alcantara treatments to the dash and trim round out a very tidy cabin. Mike Chang, co-president of Evasive Motorsports, admits that the interior is “mostly all stuff anyone can purchase”, but alludes to future plans to make more pieces that are tailored to the S2000R exclusively.

While Honda Performance Development (HPD) now offers a K20C1 engine off the shelf, Evasive’s plan to fit the FK8 motor into the S2000 chassis long predates Honda’s effort. A MoTeC M140 ECU, Mugen carbon fiber intake, Evasive S2000R intake manifold, Origin Fab titanium dual exhaust system, EVS Tuning oil cooler, and Koyo Racing radiator round out the complete engine enhancement package.

The car’s underpinnings have been improved, too. A set of custom-spec KW Clubsport coilovers have been fitted along with uprated suspension bushings and a chassis brace. To further tighten the S2000R’s response, an EVS Tuning bump steer kit, camber joints, and a set of Eibach sway bars were installed. For the bits you can see, the S2000R sits on a square set of forged 18×9” EVS Tuning 52R wheels wrapped in meaty 255/35 R18 Yokohama AD09 tires at each corner. Red Brembo 6-piston calipers provide the clamping force on 14″ and 12.9″ rotors (front and rear, respectively) to stop the car on a dime.


The response has been overwhelmingly positive from the jump. Eager customers from the United States, Asia, and the Middle East have inquired about purchasing their own examples within hours of the announcement of its latest resto-mod project. Mike Chang continues, “Singer is the one who really pioneered the resto-mod movement. I feel like everyone that is doing resto-mods today is referencing what Singer did. Our approach is slightly different. We’re not trying to build something completely tailor-made and not offer one-off cars to each customer. We are going to build what we think is cool and in a limited run.”

Indeed, Evasive Motorsports is nothing short of an expert on the topic of S2000s, so its selections should be considered gospel. After all, too many choices can be overwhelming.


Speaking of overwhelming, the S2000R is exactly that, but not in the way you’re thinking. It is overwhelming in the way that it feels purely S2000. Evasive Motorsports is so acutely attuned to the car’s original spirit that its OG personality is still underneath it all. For all intents and purposes, this car is Ryu from Street Fighter. Sure, it may look a bit more chiseled than its 8-bit original, but Hadouken is still down, forward, punch. Ignore the visuals behind the wheel of this and muscle memory will take care of the rest.

“The response and torque, the way you rev it up…it just drives like a stock engine and has that factory smoothness. When we do S2000s with forced induction, the powerband is slightly shifted and not perfect. It might be good for the track but not always for the street.” – Mike Chang, co-president of Evasive Motorsports

Next to its more extreme S2000RS brethren, it holds its own. While the former is an all-out racer hoping to gain entry into the elusive sub-10 club, the S2000R has already won our hearts. It may not be a car that we can all afford, but what truly aspirational car is? Ultimately, Evasive Motorsports’ exercise has made all of us grow our appreciation for one of Honda’a all-time great creations and the builders who can, and do, create inspirational art for generations to come.

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