Orange Paint Option and Adjustable Rear Spoiler Round Out the Major Features of the 45th Anniversary GR Supra

Photography: Sam Du / Mike Maravilla

  • The foundation of the current fifth-generation GR Supra dates back to 1979 when the Celica Supra was born.
  • Toyota Gazoo Racing will be offering a 45th Anniversary Edition GR Supra to celebrate the milestone for the 2024 model year.
  • Mikan Blast deep orange paint is an exclusive option on the special edition GR Supra, while Absolute Zero white will also be available.
  • For performance enthusiasts, Toyota introduces a new 3-inch-high rear spoiler that can be manually adjusted to offer more angle and downforce.
  • Matte black wheels, black brake calipers, and a black side graphic sum up the list of changes for this GR Supra which will be offered in both automatic and manual, and limited to 900 units in the U.S.

Since the GR Supra was launched in 2020, Toyota has offered a handful of special edition models that come with a little more splash and exclusivity compared to the rest of the standard Supras. This includes the Launch Edition, A91 Edition, Carbon Fiber Edition, A91MT Edition, and now for the 2024 model year, the 45th Anniversary Edition. Here’s what you need to know…


Orange Option. You’ll notice the optional dark/deep orange color called Mikan Blast (“mikan” means orange in Japanese). It’s not a true orange and a far cry from having any Fast and Furious correlation (which was its intent), but I’ll admit, it’s not painful to the eyes as much as Hot Lava color was on the Toyota 86. The 45th Anniversary GR Supra will also be available in Absolute Zero white.

Cool Wing. Not just a stick-on lip spoiler, the 45th Anniversary GR Supra comes with a newly-designed rear wing that stands 3 inches high and can be adjusted to add a tad more angle for extra downforce and grip in the rear. All you’ll need is an Allen wrench to adjust it.

Stickers. The black stripe on the doors and front fenders are merely vinyl graphics that include an integrated Supra logo. They’re not too obtrusive and flow smoothly with the body.

Can’t Go Wrong With Black. Keeping the theme of black accents throughout, the mirror caps and wheels are matte black with glossy, black-painted calipers underneath.

Manual Available. Now that there’s a six-speed manual gearbox option for the GR Supra (finally), Toyota will be offering the 45th Anniversary with both manual and automatic transmissions.

Exclusivity. The 45th Anniversary Edition 2024 GR Supra will be limited to 900 units here in the U.S.; however, similar models will be introduced in Japan, Europe, China, and Canada.


If there’s anything to remember about these special edition GR cars, it’s that you can’t expect too much. The changes on these cars typically don’t involve having engineers working on new and improved parts, but more so people in product planning finding ways to create some buzz and excitement given the tools available to them; we’re talking colors, accessories, badges, and stickers.

In my opinion, the 45th Anniversary gets a good grade simply because it’s subtle and simple. For someone who digs the unique color — since most GR Supras on the dealer lot are white, silver, black, or grey — this is for them. Toyota also tells me the stickers are removable, which they understand 50% of owners might take off anyways (which I would if I picked this up).

I do wish that there was more attention given to the 45th Anniversary Edition. There’s no badging, no sticker, no nameplate, no nothing. A simple fix that could’ve made this A91 memorable for the ages.

The 3.0 Premium trim, which the 45th Anniversary is based on, starts at $56,750. Judging by past special edition models like the A91-MT Edition, we can expect an upcharge of around $3,000. It’s not a terrible deal, and Toyota tells us every time they introduce one of these limited edition models, they sell out nationwide. So, if you find yourself at your local dealer with a manual-equipped 45th Anniversary GR Supra in front of you (especially at sticker), don’t sleep on it!


I’ll lead by saying it’s odd to celebrate a 45th anniversary. But given the Supra’s age in the modern car market — the revamped A90 Supra debuted in 2020 — the occasion was a fitting excuse for a refresh. Back then, the resurrection of the Supra moniker put Toyota and BMW’s collaborative project under the microscope. But four years on, its heavy criticism proved unfounded and the new Supra’s track record has earned it a place amongst Toyota’s greats.

In many ways, the A90 is a car that wasn’t “supposed” to happen. For over two decades, we were teased by the prospect of an A80 successor so many times that most of us never believed it would ever happen. Toyota must have felt a bit sorry for leading us on for so long that they also overturned another pivotal decision: a manual transmission.

The beloved 6MT is happily available on this Mikan Blast anniversary special, along with a couple of visual upgrades that we’ve covered here already. While some might bemoan the shift toward black calipers instead of the flashier red stoppers from standard models, I prefer the 45th anniversary’s subtlety here. The rest of the car is substantially louder — by virtue of the paint, not the exhaust — and the manually-adjustable rear wing is a nice addition.

The entire execution is a bit reminiscent of the 2017 Toyota 86 860 Special Edition: a flashier coat of paint and a few visual details that distinguish the 45th anniversary Supra from its parking lot brethren; though admittedly, the only true commemoration is hidden behind the driver’s side door: a little plaque noting its 900-unit production run lives here while the rest of the car is left with standard-issue branding. In a world where in-your-face branding opportunities are frustratingly commonplace, the restraint here is welcomed and I think the entire package comes together really nicely.

The powertrain remains unchanged, but let’s face it: less than 5% of us will ever be able to extract the A90 Supra’s potential on public roads and what it offers is more than enough for daily duty, weekend jaunts, or Internet pissing contests all the same.

In the end, I’m happy to know that the 45th anniversary exists, and after experiencing my first drive in a manual-transmission Supra yesterday, it’s a car that captures a true sports car personality that is so often lacking today. A global launch of this car means that more people will get to experience the joy of this machine and understand why the Supra needs to be a stronghold of the GR lineup for years to come.


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