A Fresh Way for Automotive Creatives to Get The Recognition They Deserve: Pit+Paddock’s Creator Contest

Photography: Pit+Paddock

  • Automotive content creators contribute so much to the prosperity and longevity of the industry, but many go without the recognition they deserve.
  • Pit+Paddock’s unique position as a marketing agency and media expert affords us an opportunity to connect brands and content creators within the scope of our ever-popular activations.
  • As social media algorithms stop encouraging and start dictating, Pit+Paddock’s “Creator Contest” introduces opportunities at our events for the average creator to gain exposure with their existing media.
  • There’s nothing to lose, and participants can receive hundreds in rewards with just a few extra clicks.

By now we’re all aware of how much modern automotive influencers contribute to inspiring the next generation of enthusiasts. Through documentation, storytelling, and entertainment, a single individual has the opportunity to inject millions with the same passion that we are infected with today. Never before have so many young people been exposed to the world of automobiles below the surface of A-to-B transportation.

But there’s been a problem. The stream of support that used to flow from each post just isn’t as strong anymore and it’s no secret that content creators everywhere are struggling to find engagement across all platforms. More often than not, our pride in creating a new reel or photo set is short-lived; right after posting, it’s common to see five bots tell you where your content can get featured, or a catch-all trio of fire emojis from that one person that always seems to be in your comment section anyways.

Although we’re not able to change the algorithm, we can reward the creators who are often cast aside by it.


The first chance you’ll get to flex your creative muscle is coming up at our season closer Cars+Coffee this Sunday, September 10, from 9 am–Noon. Thanks to AnzoUSA and Vibrant Performance, this first-ever Sunday Edition Cars+Coffee will welcome the area’s best vehicles to Turn 14 Distribution HQ for another record-breaking spectacle.


Well… nothing. Honestly, just think of it as an opportunity to be rewarded for the content you already planned to post on your page. Just use the featured hashtag when you post, and tag us so we can see it.

I know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t that. You aren’t losing the rights to your footage, you aren’t losing the creative freedom, and you aren’t going to see your content reposted by some corporate account, with a tasteless filter applied, that your friend had to DM you because they “forgot” to mention you in the description.


…and we understand that. That’s why the amount of likes your post gets isn’t the deciding factor, but one of many that we will take into account to choose the winner. The overall creativity, originality, production quality, and entertainment value will be considered alongside its virality on the gram.


No, the grand prize isn’t a camera-shaped USB drive or a coffee mug that looks like an off-brand Canon lens. We want to give you something that makes your creative life easier and helps propel your career forward in any way we can. Whether that’s a highly acclaimed camera bag *wink wink* or the latest and greatest drone from DJI’s catalog, we want to be the significant other that every videographer wishes they had.


  1. Post your content from Cars+Coffee: Sunday Edition as an Instagram Reel
  2. Follow, and collaborate your Reel with @pitandpaddock, @anzousa, and @vibrant_performance
  3. Use the Hashtag #pitpadcontest

That’s it! Just make sure to post your content within a week of Cars+Coffee: Sunday Edition and you’re entered! The winners will be notified by Sunday, September 17th at 11:59 PM. For more details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.