Worth Waiting For: The T14 x BMW CCA G80 M3 Competition Dream Car Raffle Grand Prize Revealed

Photography: Brandon Cody

  • Over the last four years, BMW CCA partnered with Turn 14 Distribution to create a no-holds-barred grand prize car for its annual Dream Car Giveaway that is tastefully modded with the best of the aftermarket.
  • With the help of Thompson BMW in Doylestown, PA, Turn 14 Distribution ordered and modified a stunning BMW Individual G80 M3 Competition in Voodoo Blue to create this enthusiast’s dream car.
  • The build features aftermarket components from some of the most recognizable names in the segment: Akrapovič, AST Suspension, BBS, CSF, Future Classic, IND Distribution, and Michelin.
  • Ticket sales for the 2023 BMW CCA Dream Car Raffle will end on Saturday, September 30.

It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the end of this year’s BMW CCA Dream Car Raffle grand prize build. As we mentioned at the start of the project, this car carried so much more weight than a typical undertaking. As a projection of both BMW’s and Turn 14 Distribution’s collective achievements, we were unwaveringly scrupulous in selecting the car — a true BMW Individual specification — and its extensive modification list, one that left a generous pile of factory-fresh OEM parts behind.


The build started and ended in the same place: Thompson BMW. Thompson’s status as an M Certified Center made them the perfect place to learn everything we needed to know about the BMW Individual program and the ideal build partner to ensure all of the upgrades were installed without issues.

It was incredible to see that giant pile of aftermarket parts dwindle as we spent more time with Thompson BMW’s tech team. Each component was carefully unboxed and expertly installed by seasoned hands. You could tell that its staff was just as passionate about what we were building as we were.


As we’ve mentioned throughout the build, every modification that ended up on the Turn 14 Distribution x BMW CCA G80 M3 Competition was selected from the industry’s best. Akrapovič, AST Suspension, BBS, CSF, Future Classic, IND Distribution, and Michelin were eager participants to make sure that the grand prize giveaway felt like an authentic article. It was exciting to see the car transform in stages, taking on very specific character traits that led to its irrefutable metamorphosis.


As you might be able to tell from our build partner list, we established a goal to significantly improve every aspect of the car while still respecting BMW’s engineering and styling direction. As a result, this year’s BMW CCA Dream Car Raffle build is decidedly OEM+ in its execution and garners wide appeal amongst long-time BMW fans and newcomers to the brand alike. That balance was the crux behind the build and we believe that the partners that we’d approached for the project also expertly tread that line.

The cumulative effect of these detailed considerations was immense. Parked alongside other G80 M3s — even modified examples — the Turn 14 Distribution x BMW CCA G80 M3 Competition commanded a different level of presence. Everything about the car has been dialed up to eleven and is only further accentuated by its Voodoo Blue paint.


Building a vehicle for BMW CCA has never been about just the giveaway. Like the club itself, the Dream Car Raffle grand prize car is a facilitator for the camaraderie, enthusiasm, and pride that’s associated with the brand. The local chapter events, the well-attended national gatherings, and the opportunities to experience your car’s driving prowess as BMW had intended are all incredible reasons to join the club and celebrate the privilege of the marque’s ownership.

We assembled this car to be a reflection of that reality — the smile-inducing excitement that you feel looking at the final form of this G80 M3 Competition is one that parallels the BMW CCA membership experience.


The reveal of this year’s Turn 14 Distribution x BMW CCA G80 M3 Competition means only one thing: time is running out. Ticket sales for the 2023 BMW CCA Dream Car Raffle will end on Saturday, September 30, so if you haven’t grabbed your raffle tickets yet, now is the time. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our esteemed build partners, Thompson BMW, and BMW CCA one last time. It’s been an immense honor to finish a project that serves as a beacon for the club’s mission and the enthusiasm for BMW that powers it all.