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The Pit+Paddock x Bilstein E91 GTS Sheds Over 60lbs In Our Next Round of Lightweight Upgrades
BY Mike Maravilla //
October 20, 2023
Photography: PSI Media Team
  • The Pit+Paddock x Bilstein E91 M3 GTS is building momentum toward its SEMA debut as Precision Sport Industries (PSI) tackles must-have engine upgrades from CSF, Eventuri, Future Classic, Carbahn, and Alpine Motorsports.
  • Akrapovič brings over 30 years of manufacturing and engineering experience to craft world championship-winning exhaust systems that produce an unmatched aural experience.
  • Driveshaft Shop is renowned for creating robust drivetrain solutions, like carbon fiber driveshafts and replacement CV axles, for horsepower-hungry applications.

As we’ve highlighted on several occasions already, a complete build is seldom just about the visuals. What’s under the skin — or in this case, underneath our wagon’s body — is just as important in our mission. A mission is exactly what this build has been so far. We’ve taken the vocation to create the ultimate E91 wagon, one that respectfully nods notes of inspiration toward the undisputed king of the E9X lineage: the E92 M3 GTS.

There was significant groundwork that needed to be laid for us to accomplish this mission properly. But once that was painstakingly completed — thanks to our project partner Precision Sport Industries (PSI) — the momentum of our project continued to build. In what felt like a matter of days, the E91 transformed, and the heart, which was substantially revised by Carbahn, arrived for transplant. A set of Bilstein 2-way Clubsport coilovers, a suite of suspension components from SPL, a Trophy big brake kit from Stoptech, and a boatload full of additional upgrades kept all capable hands on deck at PSI. Its hard work and dedication to this effort cannot be understated. There are very few shops that would be able to stomach a project like this with as much fortitude as they have shown so far.

The back-patting has been admittedly truncated for the sake of progress, however. There is still plenty to accomplish en route to its SEMA debut, and this round of upgrades brings us back underneath the car for a couple of notable weight-loss modifications from Akrapovič and Driveshaft Shop.


Akrapovič brings over 30 years of manufacturing and engineering experience to both car and motorcycle applications. Its world-championship-winning exhaust systems are crafted from proprietary titanium alloys in its in-house foundry. Still, even though Akrapovič primarily manufactures titanium exhaust systems, it would be an injustice to call it a one-trick pony; so many facets of the company make it a true standout amongst its competitors. Its sound engineering team leverages industry-leading R&D practices to manage and measure raw materials and proprietary alloys in its in-house titanium foundry. These findings are passed along to its production team who are responsible for turning research into reality, executing the millimeter-perfect bends, welds, and shapes that are responsible for extracting a signature Akrapovič sound. Once complete, each system is evaluated, tested, and used — often in motorsport environments — to ensure they are up to the task. Between its state-of-the-art facilities, practices, and aural experience, it seems fitting to describe Akrapovič as a company in perfect harmony.

Its exhaust for the E9X M3 remains one of its most popular upgrades of all time. After handling and fitting the exhaust onto the Pit+Paddock x Bilstein E91 GTS Tribute, we agree. In terms of sound, titanium exhausts bring an elevated tonal experience to the table and we can’t argue with the net effect: an extra 21 horsepower and a 52 lbs weight loss at the same time.


It’s a daring move to “specialize in the impossible”, but that’s exactly what Driveshaft Shop (DSS) has pasted onto its walls since its inception. The company credo has enabled its team to think without barriers, and because of that, subsequently create solutions that its competitors have long abandoned.

For the Pit+Paddock x Bilstein E91 GTS Tribute, that solution was truly custom. DSS makes a carbon fiber driveshaft for the E9X M3, but it only works with the 6-speed manual car. To create a DCT version, we shipped our factory prop shaft to Driveshaft Shop. Once there, its team was able to reference every crucial measurement to create a one-off, DCT-specific unit for our build. The exercise represented another reiterative example of just how much detail we are pouring into this project and we are grateful to the Driveshaft Shop engineers for supporting us in achieving our goals.

 Akin to its other quality control measures, this DCT carbon fiber driveshaft has been dynamically balanced to 9,000rpm to ensure unbeatable reliability when the Pit+Paddock x Bilstein E91 GTS is put to its paces on the track. Once this mod was installed, it also meant that the entire drivetrain was fresh from front to back.


Our finish line is in sight, but we know there’s plenty of work to get through before we can cross it. Thanks to everyone for following along for, what is by far, our most ambitious undertaking to date. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with the build or catch up on any episodes you may have missed.





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