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AnzoUSA Made the Pit+Paddock SEMA Booth a Morning Destination with Complimentary Coffee
BY Mike Maravilla //
November 9, 2023
Photography: Brandon Cody
Videography: Garret Transue
  • Pit+Paddock hosts a unique pop-up coffee activation at our booth for SEMA show exhibitors and attendees to help start their days off with a proper boost.
  • Complimentary espresso drinks were served to hundreds of Pit+Paddock booth visitors every morning thanks to our partner AnzoUSA.
  • The coffee service was complemented by another impressive lineup of feature cars, including Greg Park’s Inozetek Lamborghini Diablo GT, Adam LZ’s 4-rotor-powered A90 Supra, and Dai Yoshihara’s “DAI33” R33 GT-R.

Some things are natural pairs for each other: cereal and milk, Tom and Jerry, bangers and mash, and perhaps most importantly, cars and coffee. Indeed the last duo is one that Pit+Paddock has made into a foundational staple; in our first two years, our Cars+Coffee events were Pit+Paddock’s calling card. The effort allowed us to leverage our previous experience while introducing the masses to who Pit+Paddock intended to become within the industry.

The annual SEMA show is the industry’s crown jewel, gathering automotive aftermarket royalty, builders, and dreamers under the same roof for a week of valuable networking opportunities. The Las Vegas venue provided Pit+Paddock with an opportunity to flaunt that signature calling card in an environment where it could create maximum impact. Year after year, that impact helped us transform the question “What is Pit+Paddock?” into “How can we be a part of what Pit+Paddock is doing?”.


Our third consecutive Cars+Coffee booth activation at SEMA attracted a familiar partner in AnzoUSA, but with an all-new lineup that featured Greg Park’s Inozetek Lamborghini Diablo GT, Art of Attack’s 991.2 GT3 Cup Evo, Adam LZ’s 4-rotor A90 Supra, Dai Yoshihara’s “DAI33” GT-R, and Pit+Paddock staffer, Sam Du’s, Artisan Spirit GR Corolla.

The diverse “grid” collection, a distinctive display we have become known for, offered something for everyone’s taste and helped create conversations among newcomers and SEMA veterans.


AnzoUSA partnered with Pit+Paddock for the same activation last year, but since it was such a big hit, it made sense to bring them back for more. The SoCal lighting manufacturer anchors a vast product catalog to its more than 30 years of experience; its commitment to producing performance lighting solutions for a variety of marques means that AnzoUSA uses cutting-edge technology to create, test, and manufacture kits that stand up to the rigors of road use. Akin to its credo “don’t get left in the dark”, our Cars+Coffee partnership ensured each SEMA exhibitor and attendee was well equipped for the marathon week ahead.


Our booth lineup could only be trumped by one thing: a dynamic array of visitors. Every day, some of the industry’s most influential movers and shakers called the Pit+Paddock booth a mandatory destination where they could mix and mingle with our staff, media, and influencers. The energy of each conversation complemented the life-giving elixir that we and AnzoUSA served every morning. Like the SEMA Show itself, our Cars+Coffee helped remind us why we chose this industry as a career destination above other options and the passion that compels us to do more together.

To that end, dynamism, passion, and energy are three key traits among the long list of attributes that Pit+Paddock promises to deliver today and into everything we have planned in the future. Thank you again to AnzoUSA for supporting one of our most heralded activations at SEMA this year. We’re looking forward to 2024 already.





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