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How We Managed To Feed 500 Faces at the SEMA Show
BY Sam Du //
November 15, 2023
Photography: Brandon Cody
  • Pit+Paddock Power Lunch presented by StopTech is a new hospitality service at SEMA where our staff members serve meals to our valued partners and media guests.
  • This year’s Power Lunch was prepared by Crystina Nguyen of This Mama’s House, former general manager of the District One restaurant in Las Vegas’ Chinatown district.
  • An array of flavors was offered across the four days, which included a Korean beef rice bowl, Cuban-themed bánh mì sandwiches, Mandarin garlic noodles, and traditional breakfast bowls.
  • Power Lunch was one of six unique Pit+Paddock partnerships at the 2023 SEMA Show aimed towards building meaningful relationships in the aftermarket industry.


You might think we’re all grown adults and we all can remember to tie our shoes, brush our teeth, and lock the doors before we leave the house every day. But during the countless meetings, miles of walking, and millions of other distractions that take place during the SEMA Show, it’s easy to forget or be too occupied to eat lunch. We’ve experienced this year in and year out, which is why in 2022, we came up with the concept of the Pit+Paddock Power Lunch – a unique hospitality service that provides (and in some instances delivers) a freshly prepared meal to our friends and family. And with the help of brake specialist StopTech, we were able to serve 500 lunches during this year’s SEMA convention.


Hosting Power Lunch for the second year in a row has become a bit of a staple for the Pit+Paddock booth at SEMA. Every day around 11:45 AM, you can observe the number of major players in the community begin to hang out around our featured vehicles. This year’s Power Lunch patrons included Adam LZ, Vin Anatra, Jon Sibal and Larry Chen, just to name a few. 


If you couldn’t stop by the Pit+Paddock booth, then our team of staff runners packed several to-go bags to deliver to some of our most important website and event partners. Even our pro driver Dai Yoshihara spent an afternoon as a sandwich courier, which was a sight to see and well received as you can imagine.


Of course, a Power Lunch wouldn’t be special without a taste worth raving about. For that, we have local chef Crystina Nguyen of This Mama’s House to thank. The former general manager of the District One restaurant in the Chinatown district of Las Vegas, carefully curated and prepared each meal to offer guests something new and exciting each day. The unique flavors started with Korean BBQ beef rice bowls, followed by a Cuban-inspired bánh mì sandwich. Next, Crystina whipped up her signature Mandarin chicken and garlic noodles, and finally, the week’s menu concluded with a hearty sausage and egg breakfast bowl.


Appetites were filled, smiles were shared, and because of this unique collaboration with StopTech at SEMA, Pit+Paddock was able to provide a new memorable experience to some very influential leaders in this industry, a few of which, who may or may not have forgotten to eat lunch that day.





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