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WELD Racing’s Off-Road Wheels Are Built With Industry-Leading Strength But Priced for the Every Day Enthusiast
BY Mike Maravilla //
June 6, 2024
Photography: WELD Racing Wheels
  • WELD was founded in 1967 by Sprint Car driver Greg Weld and the company quickly devoted its energy to engineering strong and performance-minded motorsport wheels.
  • WELD Racing forged aluminum wheels became synonymous with drag and oval racing and were regularly trusted to handle speeds up to 330 mph.
  • The company eventually made flow-formed off-road and truck wheels into an integral part of its product line with the same commitments to quality, precision, and performance.
  • The three dedicated off-road wheels—Ledge, Crux, and Cinch—are also crucially affordable, which is extremely valuable for trucks that need spares on the trail.

Since its inception in 1967, WELD Racing has been focused on going faster. The company began as an exercise to engineer racing wheels that would be strong, reliable, and performance-minded at the limit. It was something that the founder, Sprint Car driver Greg Weld, desperately needed, and knew that he wasn’t alone. That earnest mission soon attracted attention from the rest of the industry. Before long, WELD Racing forged aluminum wheels became synonymous with serious drag and oval racers and were regularly trusted to handle speeds up to an organ-rearranging 330 mph. While WELD could’ve easily stopped there, it recently split its focus between going faster and going further.


The adventurist genre is exploding, and enthusiasts who are keen to cross over from fast cars into capable off-roaders are grasping for trusted brands in this unknown world. WELD’s commitment to the off-road space is timely, and it has taken nearly 60 years of experience with them to craft dependable, performance wheels for the truck market. The result of this effort was three wheels—Ledge, Crux, and Cinch—and each mixed a bit of WELD’s racing heritage into a rugged, trail-ready form factor. But crucially, WELD’s dedicated off-road wheels tout one other major benefit: a wallet-friendly price tag.


In the car world, strength often comes at the expense of cost, but you can ill afford to separate the two characteristics off-road since overlanders practically require carrying spares for the journey. It’s common, then, to see truck enthusiasts order at least five wheels (sometimes six) when they want to get serious. That inevitably presented a challenge to WELD’s engineers: how could they achieve both for this new market?

The cost-efficient solution was a flow-formed wheel. Compared to its cast counterpart, a flow-formed equivalent is lighter and stronger, which was exactly what WELD needed. “We wanted to make a wheel that was both strong and affordable, but also retained the Weld Racing DNA,” says Vincent Wong, WELD’s VP of New Product Development. “By keeping the price fair, WELD Racing ensures that more off-road fans can get their hands on top-quality products.”


WELD’s racing experience has led the company to integrate familiar design cues from its motorsport program while producing each of its off-road flow-formed wheels with different purposes in mind. This includes offering beadlock versions for more serious off-road endeavors, as well as six and eight-lug variants for heavy-duty trucks. “We wanted to offer a product that reflects our racing heritage while meeting the practical needs of our customers,” WELD Chief Marketing Officer Drew Turner explains.

Cinch (Left): This multi-spoke 5-lug wheel is available in 17” and 20” diameters. Non-beadlock wheels feature a simulated beadlock ring to maintain the rugged aesthetic and are available in four colors: satin black (with a gloss black ring), gloss black milled, satin bronze (with a satin black ring), and candy red (with a satin black ring).

Ledge (Middle): Like the Cinch, Ledge is available in 17” and 20” diameters and non-beadlock and beadlock configurations. But uniquely, this split five-spoke wheel is sold in five-, six-, and eight-lug versions. Ledge is available in three colors: satin bronze (with a satin black ring), satin gunmetal (with a satin black ring), and satin black (with a satin black ring).

Crux (Right): This multi-spoke, five-lug wheel comes in the widest diameter range: 17”, 20”, and 22”. It also features a removable center cap, which conceals the lug nuts underneath—a bonus if you plan on getting dirty. The “windows” in the face design add to the wheel’s overall appeal. This wheel is available in four colors: satin black, satin bronze (with a satin black ring), gloss armor gray (with a satin black ring), and satin gunmetal (with a satin black ring).

For me, I’d have to go with a set of 17” Crux wheels in satin gunmetal with some big boy tires. I think the Crux design is a real winner that would look great on mild and wild off-road builds equally. The contrast between the wheel face finish and the satin black ring is small but noticeable enough to matter. Those details make the wheel a pleasure to look at, whether you’re traversing the trails, hitting the back roads, or parked at a local meet.


A desire to craft top-notch products for everyone is what helped earn WELD Racing a stellar reputation in the automotive space. As I’ve alluded to already, that same hunger exists off the beaten path; WELD Racing’s flow-formed off-road wheels look great, are priced right, and are built to last. By focusing on a crucial trio—strength, performance, and affordability—WELD Racing has engineered wheels that empower off-road enthusiasts to push their limits with confidence.





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