Players Classic is the Ultimate All-Makes Welcome Car Show at Goodwood Motor Circuit

  • Players Classic is a diverse UK car show and track day array of modified classics, hot rods, circuit monsters, drift cars, and everything in between.
  • The European “must attend” show is hosted at Goodwood Motor Circuit annually, this being the 11th year for the gathering.
  • The Pit+Paddock x Bilstein E91 GTS Tribute and CSF 911 made their Players Classic debut as part of our European Tour and even took to the track during the fan-crazed weekend.

Players Classic is without a doubt the crown jewel of the UK-modified car show circuit. I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of it at some point or another, but I’ll give you some info to help set the scene for why this show matters as much as it does. Jamie (Jay) McToleridge and Carl Taylor founded Players in 2006 as a “chilled” approach to a car show, resembling a bunch of friends hanging out more than a judged event. The original venue was North Weald Airfield in Essex, about an hour’s drive away from London. As Players grew in popularity, size, and prestige, the team decided a second event towards the start of summer would be appropriate, one that allowed enthusiasts to enjoy their cars without the miserable rain of the British fall season.

The same airfield wouldn’t be enough for the ambitious new project, so Jay and Carl took a big risk: create the first tuner show at the historic Goodwood Motor Circuit. 2019 was the last year for Players North Weald, but considering 2024 was the 11th year of Players Classic, I think that the guys at Players have found their perfect venue.

It was only right then that Players Classic would be a stop on the Pit+Paddock x CSF European Tour, and for the teams behind some of the biggest names in the US automotive scene to see why Players is so special.


Players Classic is hosted over two days but Saturday is my favorite on the whole of the UK car show calendar. The circuit is alive, with an active track day surrounding the show. You’ll see all types of cars hitting the track, from usual suspects like BMW E36s and E92 M3s to European rarities such as classic Ford Escorts and Renault Clio RSs. Not only does this mean you get to walk around admiring show cars whilst listening to engines screaming around the circuit, but inevitably there’s a big selection of high-performance builds on display too.

You’ll see crowds lining the paddocks right next to the pit lane exit, trying to get a good view of the main straight and encouraging aggressive launches as cars head out on track.

The pit-side paddocks are home to Regal Autosport and Evolve Automotive’s stands at Players Classic; filled with their demo cars and a selection of tuning parts on display including CSF and Titan 7 items. These stands were home to the Pit+Paddock x Bilstein E91 GTS tribute build for the weekend, with a prime spot on the gravel in front of the paddocks. The UK crowd’s reception to the build has been amazing, with so many questions asked and photos taken at Players all weekend long.


As if the track day isn’t enough action, Saturday also has drift demos on display in between sessions. Nothing pulls a crowd in quite like some sideways action, and this year had some of the most exciting displays Players has ever hosted.

George Barclay hit the track in V2 of his HGK ‘Eurofighter’ BMW M2 for the first time – with a 1000hp Toyota 2JZ-GTE under the hood. George and his kevlar-kitted monster put on one hell of a show, as did Axel Hildebrand in his rotary-powered Chevrolet C6 Corvette. Bonus points go to Liam Doran in his space frame classic Mini build, with a Suzuki Hayabusa engine in the back and long-travel shocks. Not only was he drifting, but he was also popping wheelies the entire length of the pit wall!

It’s safe to say the audience loved the action, and they also loved seeing our friend Ravi Dolwani take his Porsche 911 on track around the historic race circuit. If you’re going to fly your build halfway around the world to show it off, why not really show it off with some hard laps on track? Surprises like that are part of what makes Players Classic my favorite show on the calendar here in the UK.


Diversity of form, function, style, and execution. There are cars ranging from quaint and classic English metal to the rarest, wildest JDM builds and everything in between at Players Classic. Where else will you find an Mk1 Golf GTI in the same track queue as an AE86 Toyota Corolla Levin Coupé, Clubsport-spec E46 BMW M3, and 991.2 Porsche 911 GT3RS? Not only that, but the number of cars that had come across to the UK from Continental Europe was as high as I can remember in recent history. Belgian, Dutch, and even German cars all came over for what’s regarded as one of the premier modified car shows in not just the UK but all of Europe.


To top it all off? Outside of the show, you’re only half an hour away from the beach on England’s south coast. After the show why not grab some fish and chips and enjoy the sunset over the sea? That’s what I usually do to keep the good vibes going. If you’re planning on coming to Europe for an event, Players Classic should definitely be on your radar.


Next up on our Euro tour with CSF? We’ll be heading to Poland with both cars for Ultrace, whilst the CSF 911 will be on display at Luftgekühlt too. Hopefully, we’ll see you there!