From The Driver’s Seat – Cooled Collective’s Hot Take on Grid Icons: Modified Porsche

Photography: Drew Manley

  • The fourth Grid Icons car show assembled a healthy variety of modified Porsches—from air-cooled to water-cooled, to SUVs and transaxles—at Porsche Warrington in Warrington, PA.
  • Porsche Warrington’s real estate was reimagined as a sprawling event space, including a unique, dedicated off-road section that set it apart.
  • Presenting partner AST/MOTON, and official partners Akrapovič and BBS, were among the supporters who helped make this event possible.
  • Drew Manley, the figurehead behind Cooled Collective, offered his unique take on our event from behind the lens.

I had the honor of being part of the latest Grid Icons: Modified Porsche event out in Warrington, PA at the Porsche Warrington dealership earlier this month. When Sam and Mike at Pit + Paddock hit me up to make a poster to commemorate the big event, I was stoked to get the ball rolling on the project.


A great event doesn’t come without precise and careful planning and it requires a strong team to get the job done. Mike and Sam from Pit+Paddock are well-seasoned so I already knew that things were going to be flawless.

As with any car show, curating the right cars to be front and center, left and right, tucked and packed in the right space is crucial. Since the theme was modified, the modded ones were front and center in front of the dealership where they drew a large crowd.

On the inside of the dealership, they had OEM unicorns such as the Carrera GT, Porsche 918, 997.1 and 997.2 GT3 RSs along with a Singer. Something for everyone. If speed is your thing, they had the 000 Magazine Turbo S that has the title for the fastest production car at Pikes Peak.


Having a good display of air-cooled hot rods is essential to any Porsche show. 930s, 964s, Gs, 356…all properly displayed for the fans. BBS, and Fuchs are always fan favorites but no matter which route you go, slamming those air-cooled 911s is the only way for me!


It was so cool to see everyone run up and grab a poster to remember the special event. I also love seeing where people hang up artwork so if you are reading this, send me a photo of where you put it up!

The art piece took me about a week to finish up. I tried to add a lot of little touches from Philly without it being too over the top. I included some of the smaller details for you to check out below.


The Falken livery 993 was present on the showroom floor along with its fellow racing brother. The mechanic garage was filled with Mezger flat 6’s along with the new GT4 RS alongside a 997.1 GT3 RS in orange black, 996 GT3 and GT2, slantnose 930 and 993 turbo.

Parking area for current 991 and 992 variant 911s such as GT3, Carreras and Turbos were stacked. Lots of owners came out to enjoy the day and show off their garage queens. One of the wildest builds at the event was this 991 turbo with a fully exposed back end sporting all of the boosted goods. Don’t know much about it but I am sure it is all business in front and party in the back. Parked up front with Rob’s Ultraviolet 991.2 GT3 RS.

Transaxles were also represented and cool to see a 944/951 sitting on some rare Nismo LM GT1 wheels mounted on the German fastback. As time goes on, I know we will be seeing more and more of the mashup of German and Japanese elements.

Alex Goldstein making sure the rubber moldings are in place before letting me rip around in his 968 Clubsport in Speed Yellow around the neighborhood. Didn’t know Porsche made a 3.0 liter 4 cylinder 6 speed during the 964 era but they did!

000 displayed their special colors GT4 Spyders alongside the 918 and Maritime blue 992 GT3 RS. Such fine examples of the brand. ROCS Motorsports 911 which was also showcased on the poster.


Sponsors like BBS, AST/MOTON, Akrapovič and Pit+Paddock were on hand to talk to fans about their products and the fast turn service that Turn14 Distribution provides to shops all over the country.

With all of the off road segment taking off in the Porsche world, the Eurowise Cayennes, factory Safari’s and even FCP Euro’s Cayman were on display outside in the grass knoll. As always, I tried to cover as much as I could but mingling with friends and fans of the brand took the biggest priority and it was such a blast catching up. Huge blessing to be a part of such a wonderful event.

Thank you to Pit+Paddock, Turn 14 Distribution, Sam, Mike, all the sponsors, and of course Porsche Warrington for the amazing event. I can’t wait to see what the next Grid Icons brings.