WELD Racing Adds the Solana Mesh Wheel to its Performance RF Line

Photography: WELD Racing Wheels

  • WELD was founded in 1967 by Sprint Car driver Greg Weld and aimed to engineer strong and performance-minded wheels for the motorsport industry.
  • WELD Racing forged aluminum wheels became synonymous with drag and oval racing and were regularly trusted to handle speeds up to 330 mph.
  • The Solana is its latest rotary-formed wheel and is available in 17-22” diameters and two classic WELD finishes: Gloss Black Milled and Gloss Machined.

While new car launches are usually and immediately distinguishable from their predecessors, new wheel releases are delineated by finer margins—a different spoke shape, a bit of chamfering, a new finish—which means enthusiasts often decide on the brand first and the style second.

That train of thought is beneficial for a manufacturer like WELD Racing. It has used its nearly 60 years of experience to design and build robust wheels for street and motorsport use, some of which have been trusted to handle speeds up to 330mph. Still, we confess that we don’t simply buy wheels on technical proficiency alone. They have to look good, too. WELD Racing understands this more than most and it has put substantial effort into creating wheel lines that keep pace with car and truck manufacturers’ ever-changing aesthetics. Its latest wheel, called the Solana, is a perfect example of that.


Solana joins WELD Racing’s Performance RF line as a fresh interpretation of the classic mesh wheel. Unlike most mesh designs, there aren’t a plethora of nooks and crannies that have traditionally made that type of wheel the most cumbersome to clean. By contrast, Solana threads the needle between mesh and multi-spoke, and its semi-open face makes it easy to admire any big brake kits that lay beneath. That big brake clearance is one of Solana’s calling cards; its design lends itself to offering ample room for beefier stopping power, especially for older cars and trucks that desperately need it.

But aside from easy cleaning and clearance, the Solana wheel is downright handsome. It’s a timeless design that will work well on late-model vehicles just as well as the classics. The two classic WELD finishes—Gloss Black Milled and Gloss Machined—help bring out the Solana’s best design details and add that extra touch of style to whatever you put them on.

To ensure that the rotary formed Solana is as flexible as possible, the wheel is available in 5 and 6-lug configurations, as well as an extensive range of diameters (17”-22”) and widths (up to 12”). Drag racers and off-road enthusiasts will also appreciate Solana’s drag (knurled) and single-beadlock versions ready to handle whatever you throw its way.


It seems there hasn’t been a consensus on what to call “rotary formed” wheels; you’ll most often hear them called flow formed, flow forged, hybrid forged, or any combination of those words. Once you’ve gotten past naming conventions, it’s easy to understand why the wheel segment has become an attractive alternative to forged offerings.

Rotary formed wheels combine casting and forging manufacturing methods to offer some of the best cost-to-strength ratios in the industry. First, the face of the wheel is traditionally cast. Then, a rotary machine will use a concoction of heat, pressure, and spin, to form the accompanying barrel into its desired width and shape. This process is where the wheel ultimately builds its strength.

The technological breakthrough has been fruitful for the industry and the enthusiasts that support it. Wheel manufacturers have been able to produce an entirely new tier of products and introduce components to consumers who want to experience a trusted brand name at a fraction of the cost.


Even though most of the Solana images you see here are on vintage or late-model American-made trucks, WELD Racing asserts that the Solana is a much more versatile offering. Its timeless, multi-spoke design makes it a viable candidate for European or JDM vehicles. As aforementioned, the Solana wheel offers bigger brake clearances that these owners often demand and a quality brand name that puts performance and motorsport pedigree above everything else. Expect to see these Solana wheels on more enthusiast cars throughout 2024; they are an exciting addition to an already impressive product line and a good-looking one at that.