Across the Channel: The Pit+Paddock x CSF European Tour Reaches Poland for Ultrace

Photography: Mario Christou

  • The Pit+Paddock x Bilstein E91 GTS Tribute and CSF 911 are bringing a taste of American tuning flavor to Europe.
  • Following their joint-tour debut at Players Classic in the UK last month, the cars have landed in Poland for the next leg of their Euro Trip.
  • Poland has a huge Porsche and BMW following, making this the perfect continental reveal for the cars together.

If you’ve been keeping up with our journey across the world, you might have seen that the Pit+Paddock x Bilstein E91 GTS Tribute and CSF’s 911 had made their way to Players Classic at Goodwood Motor Circuit. That wasn’t the only destination for them—merely the start—and they’ve just reached their next exciting destination: Poland.

Poland may not be the first European country that comes to mind when you think of Euro cars; you’d be more likely to say Germany, France, or Italy for that matter. BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, and Alpine may be well known around the world but you certainly won’t be seeing a clubsport-spec FSO Polonez at any cars and coffee events coming up. Never heard of FSO before? Well, Poland once had a thriving domestic car industry with input from Russian and Italian manufacturers leading to some incredibly mediocre cars in the communist era. After the fall of communism in 1989, Poland’s car industry has been kept alive by manufacturing cars for other global nations.

So why visit Poland?

Whilst Polish manufacturers may have left the chat, Polish car enthusiasts and culture are here to stay. Poland, Wroclaw in particular, is home to Europe’s finest car show—Club de Ultrace—as well as a highly regarded tuning industry. The Pit+Paddock x Bilstein E91 GTS Tribute and CSF’s 911 are both guests of honor at Ultrace this year, and fortunately, we have a trusted home away from home for them in PG Performance.

PG is no stranger to high-performance vehicles. Its catalog shows a range of high-end machinery, from Lamborghini to Mercedes G-Classes.

Poland is also home to some legendary top-tier motorsports such as Rally Poland in the WRC and the Drift Masters European Championship. I can’t forget the drivers who represent Poland on the global stage of course. Robert Kubica of Formula 1 and WEC Hypercars fame as well as Piotr Więcek, DMEC veteran and part of the European driver line-up that shook up the Formula Drift grid with team Worthouse back in 2017 and 2018.

When in Wroclaw…

It would be a shame to visit Wroclaw without taking in the sights and experiencing what makes Poland special. Whilst to us and the CSF crew that would mean filling up on Pierogi and Kielbasa in the city’s best restaurants and tourism hot spots, we didn’t want to leave the cars out.

The solution? A guided tour around some of the city’s quietest back roads and highways, all to experience the phenomenal Polish sunset on the move.

Let’s make it a party

We weren’t the only out-of-towners who’d come to visit before the show though. We were joined on our little joy-ride photoshoot by our friends at GP-Products EU who’d be sharing our little corner of Ultrace at the CSF x Pit+Paddock coffee lounge for the weekend.

After all, what’s better than two highly modified, unique builds stealing the show in a foreign country? Four of them, that’s what. The GP Products crew joined us with their new-era machinery: a bespoke Audi RS6 reimagined as an Audi RS2 Tribute and their BMW M2 GT Tribute, which had previously joined our E91 GTS Tribute at the Evolve x BMW Park Lane takeover in London. Once we’d run out of sun, we took one more diversion into the drive back to town. Wroclaw is a fascinating mix of historic and modern architecture, very reminiscent of Polish culture on the whole at the moment.

A fun flash shoot in the plaza of one of the most modern buildings in town was a fantastic way to round off our night in the cars. Stay tuned for our Club De Ultrace coverage coming up shortly. It’s an absolutely incredible show, and you won’t want to miss it. Thanks to Patrik and Wiktor at PG Performance for looking after the cars and for showing us around town. It was definitely a night to remember for everyone involved.