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Author: Kyle Crawford

Feature: Jesse’s 2013 Scion FR-S

In the past many automotive manufacturers have strived to create the perfect sport compact chassis. Combining the balance of power and handling into a smaller attractive chassis has proved to be a difficult task. It took the collective design teams from Subaru and Toyota to create the tuning canvas of our generation, the Scion FR-S.

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Englishtown Open Track Day

In the Northeastern United States, few tracks are recognized like Englishtown’s Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. Though this track has built its name on being a premier drag racing destination over the years, they built a 1.3-mile tight road course a few years ago. Whether it’s learning driving techniques in their school, attending a drift event with Club Loose, or getting some open track time, this track is just right for the amateur, like me, looking for seat time.

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2015 Formula Drift New Jersey

Entering Wall Stadium Speedway in Wall, NJ on the morning of Formula Drift, you’re greeted by a sensory overload of tire smoke, loud revving engines, and colorful vendor booths. With practice time incorporated into the pre-race schedule, fans can listen as they anticipate their entrance into the speedway. Inside the guardrails lining the 1/3-mile oval track have seen better days, making it the perfect setting for the chaos brought with the 4th round of the Formula Drift series.

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Install: StopTech Big Brake Kit – BMW E46 M3

One of the most overlooked modifications to a car is the braking system. Because it doesn’t yield an immediate acceleration gain, shed any weight off the car, or make your car win an award at a show. But after burying your foot into your right pedal, there is only one thing that keeps you alive and out of trouble: your brakes.

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Facility Tour: Eibach Suspension – Part 2 of 2

Hopefully everyone caught our Facility Tour: Eibach Suspension – Part 1 where we went over the steps involved to create Eibach’s spring and Anti-Roll Bar systems. We’ll pick up Part 2 with the remainder of the facility tour including the production process for all of their shock/strut/coilovers.

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