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Author: Kyle Crawford

2015 Formula Drift Atlanta

Whoever came up with the nickname “Hotlanta” could not have been more accurate. Home to its own genre of rap music, humidity, and a legendary racetrack; the “dirty south” city of Atlanta, Georgia played host to the second round of the Formula Drift series under sweltering heat from the sun.

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Facility Tour: Eibach Suspension – Part 1 of 2

The privilege of seeing a production process will always yield a higher understanding of the end product. From something as simple as seeing your sandwich get made at a deli to witnessing a complicated watch get assembled, knowing everything going into it changes your perception. The way procedures are followed, the cleanliness of the facility, and the scrutiny all pieces undergo evoke an emotion tying you to that product. So when I had the opportunity to get a tour of the prestigious performance suspension company Eibach, I sprung on board!

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2015 Offset Kings Long Beach

The dividing line between performance and fashion is rarely skewed in the automotive culture. We gear heads, as a whole, tend to cling to one side or the other with aspirations of crossing over to dabble in our counterpart. That dividing line became physical in Long Beach, California where a barrier of fencing separated the temporary Long Beach Grand Prix track from the Fatlace presented car show ­– Offset Kings.

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2015 Formula Drift Long Beach

In the relatively short span of 12 years, Formula Drift’s diversity has crossed planes many other tenured racing series have not. With drivers hailing from numerous overseas countries, engine transplants into every chassis under the sun, and race locations that require air travel. FD consistently draws sell out attendance at each event.

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