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Month: June 2015

Install: StopTech Big Brake Kit – BMW E46 M3

One of the most overlooked modifications to a car is the braking system. Because it doesn’t yield an immediate acceleration gain, shed any weight off the car, or make your car win an award at a show. But after burying your foot into your right pedal, there is only one thing that keeps you alive and out of trouble: your brakes.

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Facility Tour: Eibach Suspension – Part 2 of 2

Hopefully everyone caught our Facility Tour: Eibach Suspension – Part 1 where we went over the steps involved to create Eibach’s spring and Anti-Roll Bar systems. We’ll pick up Part 2 with the remainder of the facility tour including the production process for all of their shock/strut/coilovers.

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2015 Wicked Big Meet

A few things come to mind when you think of Subaru; rally racing, AWD, and the rumble of a Boxer engine. While most Subaru owners modify their cars for daily road use, the aftermarket support is astounding, causing a large number of enthusiasts to heavily modify their cars. There is one event every year in New England that fuels this passion within the Subaru community… Wicked Big Meet.

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2015 Wekfest Long Beach

In the past there have been numerous traveling import car shows that have come and gone. Hot Import Nights brainwashed an entire generation, including myself, into modifying their car. They offered a space where modified cars could live and breathe, in the habitat made to show their alterations. With the HIN now defunct, a new show has climbed the ranks as the highly anticipated traveling car show — Wekfest. Their most recent stop at their home base in SoCal, specifically Long Beach.

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