Stacked Motorsports Festival: Tearing up the Tricky Triangle

Photos By: Eric Sangimino

Professional drifting consistently provides some stellar events to attend, but for any true fan of drifting, grassroots events will always hold that special allure. There are grassroots level drift events peppered across the country, and during the season you can pretty much load up your car and attend a local event on any given weekend.

Somewhere between Formula Drift events, and the grassroots events we all love, is a fairly-new concept—motorsports festivals. Created as a bridge between various sections of the automotive community, these festivals like Gridlife and Hyperfest include drifting, time attack, car shows, and of course the party that goes along with them. Some events even include extracurricular activities like a concert, off-road racing, and burnout contests.

When you get a bunch of lunatics together to thrash their cars and shred some tires you create a certain vibe. After you’re done letting loose on the track, you grab a beverage and unwind with your buddies, many of whom you only see at events. It’s an atmosphere like no other, so we are glad that more of these types of events are popping up, celebrating one of our favorite parts of the drifting community.

While there are several motorsports festivals held in the South or on the West Coast, there are not too many options for drifting-centered festivals in the Northeast. The creators of Stacked Motorsports Festival aimed to change that by hosting their first Stacked weekend on the infield tracks of Pocono Raceway.

When the majority of drivers that live in the Northeast heard about the first-ever Stacked Motorsports Festival they added it to their calendars immediately. Stacked would be three days of driving featuring a team tandem competition, high performance driving event (HPDE), and a car show to boot. All held pretty much in our backyard—sign us up.

Cars of all styles and driving skill were invited to attend, but drivers for the team tandem competition were screened to ensure the most technical and entertaining drifting for spectators. The three courses scattered across the infield of the Tricky Triangle were all fair game, as drift cars and HPDE cars took turns tearing up the track.

Friday evening and Saturday morning were technically practice for the team tandem competition, but they may not have been listening closely in the drivers meeting because everyone was driving like they were trying to win practice. Each run the teams set themselves up for closer tandems, and the crowd was loving the all-out style of the competitors. As I watched, I was wondering how the teams could possibly step it up for the competition, but step it up they did.

It seemed as if each team was closer, faster, and more in-tune than the last. The judges had their work cut out for them but eventually they narrowed it down to the Top 8 teams. Those teams advanced to the finals to compete head-to-head for the title of Stacked Team Tandem Champion, oh and $2,500.

The Top 8 was packed with ragged-edge driving, but when the smoke cleared there were two teams that stood out: it was Team ProxZimity and Team Havoc in the finals. Team ProxZimity out of Florida was on point all weekend as they spent the entire competition on each other’s doors—you could tell that these guys spend a lot of time driving with each other. Team Havoc was equally as thrilling to watch, throwing aggressive transitions and blasting a barrier to pieces in the process, which is always a crowd favorite. After a well-received One More Time battle, ProxZimity took home the big check and bragging rights thanks to their consistently smooth runs and —you guessed it—proximity.

Jealous that you missed out on the fun? This teaser from Brian Coyle almost makes up for it.

Did I mention that this entire event the temperature was hovering just above freezing, with rain in the evening and snow flurries Sunday morning? Still, even in the blistering cold, both NASCAR garages and the surrounding pits were full of cars, crew, and spectators all weekend. We couldn’t help but get excited when one of the event’s founders mentioned hosting the event a little earlier in the season next year, hopefully with more favorable weather. A three-day driving festival with camping and a little friendly tandem competition? Sign us back up.

To hold you over until then, enjoy the rest of our Stacked 2018 coverage in the gallery below.