Purist Group Winter Toy Drive and Car Show—A Gathering For A Good Cause

‘Tis the season for giving to those who would normally not receive, a message the Purist Group has delivered each of the past five years, by making their Winter Toy Drive one of the largest in California. Sean Lee—founder of Purist Group—and his hard-working volunteers have proudly held their annual Winter Toy Drive to provide gifts to the less fortunate.

The Purist Group’s Sixth Annual Winter Drive was held at the Industry Hills Expo Center located in the City of Industry, CA.

Donating a new unwrapped toy valued at $10 or more allows you, your friends, and your family entrance to witness an epic mix of vehicles, with over 1,000 in attendance, from import tuner cars, domestic muscle, to rare exotic vehicles. Porsche Club of America’s LA Chapter rolled into the event with 37 cars, including 10 additional vehicles from their San Gabriel Valley Chapter. McLaren Newport Beach wasn’t to be outshined as they also represented at the event with a number of high-end vehicles. This annual toy drive and car show served as a collection point for toy donations to be shared with a number of local charity organizations and schools across the state.

“This is our sixth season hosting this toy drive, and every year we’ve not only accomplished our fundraising goals, but continued to increase participation and attendance,” mentioned Lee.

The Purist Group was founded in 2012 as an organization to help the less fortunate.

“The holiday season is a time for giving and helping others, and to see the smiles on the childrens’ faces is priceless. While car clubs are common, this group consists of a unique collection of automotive enthusiasts helping the community give back to others” says Lee.

Purist Group, along with local companies, corporations, communities, and local law enforcement, have generously supported this effort with over 15,000 toys collected last year.

Los Angeles Sheriffs Agoura Hills Department took the toys donated from the event and distributed them to those impacted from the Malibu Woolsey Fire.

Purist Group Operations Manager, William Law, mentioned that a number of toys have already reached as far as Mexico. In 2017, the Purist Group provided over $8,000 worth of food and toys to Francisco ‘Coco’ Zurita, famed BMX athlete, to hand out to children in Ensenada, Mexico.

Lamborghini Newport Beach brought out 25 vehicles. Among them were this 1987 Lamborghini LM 002, otherwise known as “Rambo Lambo”. The Countach-powered off-roader was regarded as the first luxury SUV offered, and came with a standard 5.2-liter V12 used in the Countach or an optional 7.2-liter V12 Lamborghini marine engine for the more power-hungry individuals.

While some people might feel unnerved to see such a large presence of local and state law enforcement (LASD, LAPD, and CHP), what many enthusiasts attending this year’s show didn’t know was that more than 20 of the vehicles on display—including a number of Skyline GT-Rs and a V8-powered Toyota Celica Supra—belong to law enforcement members.

Detective Ricky Ishitani of the LAPD and founder of Sonkei Blue mentioned, “We’re out here as law enforcement, supporting a great cause while showing our support to our fellow car enthusiasts.

Mention the word “hybrid” to diehard motorsports enthusiasts and you’ll instantly see their faces turn sour in disapproval. When do you think of the word what comes to mind? Toyota Prius or a Honda Insight? How about a LaFerrari?

Although Philip Chan from AeroWerkz’s vehicle is technically considered a mild hybrid, this limited-edition sports car is powered by a 6.2-liter V12 engine that produces 789 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. With a push of a button, the KERS bumps power output to 950 horsepower and 654 lb-ft of torque.

This McLaren 720s would typically be broken necks at any other car show but with so many exotics in attendance, this supercar just didn’t seem… super.

The Vicious ’65 Mustang owned by Chris Marechal made headlines when it debuted at SEMA in 2016. According to Marechal, over 10,000 man-hours were put into creating his masterpiece. He toured the country, attending numerous car shows as well as being featured on the cover of multiple magazine publications.

Designed from the ground up, Marechal enlisted the help of Timeless Customs to fabricate a custom frame with an Art Morrison C7 Corvette front clip, then topped it off with a multi-link IRS suspension with coil overs.

Under the hood resides a 5.1-liter Ford Performance Coyote engine using CNC-ported GT350 heads, which was mated to a Magnuson TVS Supercharger and delivers over 1,000 horsepower and 784 lb-ft of torque. While admiring his work, we overheard Marechal mention that the Emco Sequential 6-speed air-shifted transmission and numerous drivetrain mods were upwards of $40,000.

The custom red-stitched interior features a trick dash fitted with a MoTec display, Sparco racing seats and steering wheel, and custom air paddle shifters.

Calling this LaFerrari Aperta a rare stallion is an understatement. Last year at RM Sotheby’s charity auction, the very last Aperta sold for a mind-blowing $10,000,000. Gi Automotive Group of Beverly Hills was responsible for bringing out this gem.

Koenigsegg closed the final chapter to eight years of production of its Agera lineup by developing one of the two final versions of Koenigsegg Ageras, named Thor. Both “Thor” and “Väder” were brought off-the-line as Final Edition cars manufactured at the Koenigsegg factory in Ängelholm, Sweden.

The Agera Final Edition is based on the Agera RS, with the Thor version sporting a distinct two-tone clear carbon with the diamond-flake finish.

The aero kit features a large LeMans-style central fin for high-speed stability as well as custom-designed front winglets, enlarged front and rear spoilers, and Aircore hollow-spoke carbon fiber wheels.

Under the rear bonnet resides the upgraded 1MW turbocharged engine, which is rated at 1,360 horsepower. The engine is tucked away under Koenigsegg’s unique Triplex suspension system.

Regardless if you’re a fan of imports or domestics, this Honda S2000 with a set of sticky tires, lightweight chassis, and an LS1-powered platform delivers one wild ride!

If you only had one choice, which car would you take home?

This Liberty Walk LB widebody Ferrari?

Or this RWB Porsche?

Tough decision indeed!

Movie-themed vehicles were also on hand, as this wild Star Wars Nissan 350Z was modified to replicate Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter.

Recall these transport vehicles from Jurassic Park 1 and 2? Pretty cool!

Classic domestics were also on hand including this chop-top Ford pickup. There was something for everyone here.

Check out this sweet Plymouth Road Runner, sporting a restored Mopar 440 Super Commando and the Coyote Duster powerplant.

As I began my hike back to my car and began packing away my camera gear, I came across this Corvette Stingray that was too clean to ignore as it sat alongside the parking lot.

According to Law, over a recent four-day span of distributing collected items, over 6,000 toys have been distributed across Southern California and Mexico with more on their way. For more information, to register, volunteer or donate, contact Purist Group on Facebook and give them a follow on Instagram.