Cars & Coffee Presented by Front Street Media: July 2020

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our first Cars & Coffee event of 2020 over the weekend! It was our biggest turnout yet, and we’ve been throwing these for a couple of years now.

We would typically begin hosting these gatherings earlier in the year, however, by the time April came around, precautions around the world were already in place, and lockdown and quarantine became standard terminology. Since then, we felt like most of us automotive enthusiasts have been missing the human interaction we’ve all grown so fond of at functions like these. While we do attend automotive gatherings to gawk at cars, it’s the people that make it more special. When the timing was appropriate, we wanted to offer like-minded individuals a space to gather again safely.

By the time July began, restrictions were lessening, and people, in general, had gained a better understanding of how to mitigate their risk. We decided it was the right time to create a semblance of normalcy and host an event again. We promoted the wearing of masks and distancing from others where applicable, and most in attendance did their part to abide by our request.

It’s usually a delight that no matter how early we arrive to begin setting up, that there are always cars and enthusiasts that are already on site. However, we were blown away by how many people had already parked long before the designated 8 am start time. It was a sign of what was to become a great day.

Only an hour after the event kicked off, I found myself opening up more rows of parking to house the influx of vehicles. It was a pleasant task because it meant more room for more enthusiasts.

Defining the vehicles at our event by one make, scene, or style could not be done. The diverse choices at every edge of our lot were a dream come true. If you’re into burly 5-ton trucks (yep, that’s bigger than the famed Deuce and a Half), or pristine early-’90s Hondas, you could witness them adjacent to one another in the rows.

Perhaps something like a hydraulic suspension-equipped lowrider Oldsmobile with custom paint is your deal? Or perhaps track-ready NC Miatas with gobs of rare modifications are more up your alley? You could watch either of these very different examples drive right by the other within the confines of our lot.

Are you interested in vintage 911s? Well, we certainly are, and we had a few examples of them circulating the grounds. One of which happened to be parked directly across the aisle from a real imported right-hand-drive EK9 Civic Type R. It’s not every day you can see any of these unique chassis, let alone all of them in the same place. This variety was the aspect of the event that we found to be the most exciting, and it wouldn’t have been possible without each attendee.

There were, of course, standout builds that we were happy made the trip to support our event. The three cars from Ronin International were a welcomed surprise to see roll into the lot. Making the trip from nearby Philadelphia, the trio certainly made an entrance, and we took notice. You might recognize this glorious TCP Magic widebody FD3S RX-7 from our coverage of PrimeNYC’s 7’s Day that we published last week.

An incredibly low LS-swapped Cadillac was another standout with its wheels and tires fitted within an inch of the fender’s limits and hood’s clearance. However, I appreciated seeing this BRZ with its Varis widebody again. If you’re a dedicated reader — or Front Street Media Cars & Coffee attendee — you’ll recall this car in its previous form with a silver coat of paint from our April 2019 iteration of this very event. We appreciate the loyalty and are big fans of the car — and the Wawa logo on the wing’s endplate.

Among our favorite modifications for any car is a beefy set of tires, so when we see some stout options stuffed beneath a fender, it’s a sure-fire way for us to admire that vehicle. The epitome of American muscle with an aggressive tire was this tubbed Chevelle convertible with some massive Mickey Thompson drag radials occupying every ounce of space beneath the fenders. I’d love to know a little more about this car.

Not to be outdone was this wild, blue 987S Porsche Cayman with a Pandem widebody and some staggering Toyo Tires housed inside the widened arches. In fact, I was so enamored by the impressive rear fitment that I admittedly forgot to even take a picture of the front.

Without going into too much detail about every car that visited, I’ll leave you with a gallery below. This gallery contains the remainder of the images I took throughout the event. If I missed your car, fear not, we’ll be hosting another one of these functions at our fine establishment on August 29th — safety permitting — and, hopefully, I’ll get a shot of it then. Until next time, thank you all again for adhering to our safety requests and making our first event of the year such an enjoyable atmosphere for all who attended.