East Coast And West Coast Converge At Fourth Annual T14 Car Meet

Photography: Vinny Marino

  • More than 300 unique cars on-site brought over 700 attendees to Turn 14 Distribution’s East DC in Hatfield, PA.
  • Special West Coast guests made a late entrance with multiple cars shipped to the event from California.

Think back to where you were exactly one year ago. Was it outside? Were there people? How about cars? DJs? Food? My best guess is none of the above. Well, fast forward to the present day and let this automotive enthusiast throw some numbers at you from the recent T14 x Pit+Paddock Meet presented by KW Suspensions: Three delicious local food trucks, 27 top-tier aftermarket brands with encompassing booth setups, 300+ cars, and around 700 attendees. So how does that sound for a post-COVID-19 car meet?

This year’s event at Turn 14 Distribution’s East DC in Hatfield, PA, was nothing short of refreshing and exciting. There was a radiant buzz throughout the event’s duration. Attendees got a sense that this is what everyone had been clamoring for while in quarantine. Additionally, it was evident that people had used the downtime to improve their builds as there was such a diverse culture of great rides.


I could go on and on about every type of vehicle we saw (300+ cars, remember), but of course, the real standouts were the class winners that Pit+Paddock awarded. First, for the Best Domestic Performance award, a tastefully LS-swapped Cadillac took the cake because, honestly, we’re not sick of LS swaps yet! Next, Best Modern Performance (formerly known as Sport Compact) went to one of the wildest Datsun 240Zs we have ever seen. And finally, for Best Overall, we saw fit to award an immaculate and breathtaking Volkswagen GTI.


The booths were lined with great showcase cars and the newest and hottest products. The presenting sponsor, KW Suspensions, brought quite the display with an irresistible red C8 Corvette, along with booths for their family of brands, including BBS Wheels, Belltech, and ST Suspensions. Crown Speedlab represented Mackin Industries using a unique but welcomed grey Ferrari 488 GTB with Volk Racing TE37 wheels (again, will we ever be sick of builds with TE37s?). Other brands included ROUSH Performance, Competition Clutch, Hawk Performance, CSF Performance, and dozens of others to fill up the Hatfield DC’s backlot. Turn 14 Distribution also organized an excellent hospitality section attached to its motorsports trailer, a picturesque centerpiece itself.


The real crown jewel of the whole event was the 12 pm entrance of The Drivers Project II powered by Hawk Performance. This one-of-a-kind road rally involved a group of 15 cars shipped from California. It left from T14’s HQ in Horsham, PA, trekked through the Pocono Mountains, down to New Jersey, and into NYC. The journey wrapped up its three-day drive at the meet and had a very diverse collection of sporty cars that epitomize driving excellence. Some highlights were a 997.1 GT3 RS, an S2000, an F80 M3, and an AMS Alpha twin-turbocharged Huracan. But it wasn’t just the cars that were special guests; the Drivers Project II also featured the automotive world’s legendary photographer (and Pit+Paddock contributor), Larry Chen. It’s not ordinary for East Coasters to see West Coast content creator stars, but the T14 Meet is definitely a great showcase to lure them out. Look out for our coverage of this unique experience coming soon.


Once the Drivers Project settled in, and everyone had a chance to get themselves a brisket cheesesteak or a root beer float, T14 brought out a special surprise. Rywire’s fully-electric EV Honda S2000 and Dai Yoshihara’s Formula DRIFT LS-powered Subaru BRZ. Everyone in attendance pretty much stopped what they were doing to record the pair rolling through the event in what can only be described as a unique symbolization of the best of the present roaring class followed by the silence of the future.

All in all, the weather was right, the music was great, everyone was thrilled to see each other, and the quality of everything across the board was nothing but excellent. If this meet is a sign of things to come, we are in for a record year.