July Cars+Coffee Brings The Heat From PA, NJ, and NY

  • Pit+Paddock returns with its third Cars+Coffee event, bringing together a few hundred enthusiasts despite humid weather conditions.
  • Presenting sponsor Whiteline provided goodie bags, coffee, and donuts to the first early risers that arrived at Turn 14 Distribution headquarters.
  • No shortage of notable and high-horsepower project cars in attendance, including an S15 Silvia, Skyline GT-R, Audi S3, and Toyota Soarer.

I grew up on the West Coast my entire life, and quite honestly, I don’t give enough credit to the boys and girls on the East Coast. Humidity is no joke out there, and it’s quite common to change your shirt more frequently (think “sweatfest”). Because of these hot and humid conditions, though, it can also be challenging to bring car enthusiasts together to hang out outside in the heat of summer, but that’s exactly what took place at our third iteration of the Pit+Paddock Cars+Coffee series.

As my Apple Watch read just short of 9:00 AM, it was already a sweltering 90-degrees with a near 80% humidity. Unfamiliar territory for me. However, it was just another beautiful morning in July for the 400+ car fanatics visiting the Turn 14 Distribution Headquarters from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

For this particular cars and coffee meet, our friends at Whiteline jumped on board to become our presenting sponsor, handing out goodies bags, free donuts, and, ironically, hot coffee (we’ll try to bring ice next time).

Also impressive for the gathering was the showing of cool cars, which I’ll admit fell short in terms of quantity, but the quality was on par with some of the best of them. In the “T14 circle” front and center, we welcomed a trio of JDM gems starting with Geoff Stoneback and one of his gorgeous Nissan S15 Silvias. Next to him was Bill Greenwald’s deep red BNR32 Skyline GT-R, followed by Andy Lu’s super sweet Mazda RX-7 (if you look close enough, he’s rocking pitpaddockstg.wpenginepowered.com on the center caps of his SSR Koenig wheels!). There was also a huge diversity of vehicles that rolled through 100 Tournament Drive, including muscle cars, hot rods, an Audi S3, and a Toyota Soarer coupe (more on those two later).

All in all, the laidback and easygoing atmosphere of Cars+Coffee was enjoyable with nothing to complain about. In fact, I think I was the only one making a fuss about the weather. The Northeast car community continues to wow us with positive vibes and dope cars, and if you haven’t checked it out for yourself, well then, you’re missing out!

Before I sign off, be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, August 21st, as we gear up for the next Cars+Coffee at Turn 14 Distribution headquarters, which may or may not take place in the evening and night (wink, wink).