MPACT 2021: The Annual Pocono Reunion

  • The 11th Annual MPACT Motorsports Festival and BMW Car Show was held at the famous NASCAR track, Pocono Raceway, in Long Pond, Pennsylvania.
  • For the first time in years, it was a completely rain-free weekend in the Poconos.
  • MPACT has become an annual tradition for many car enthusiasts in the Northeast.

While many people’s work and home lives have not yet returned to normal, the 11th Annual MPACT Motorsports Festival provided an escape and sense of normalcy for car enthusiasts, even if it was just for a day. Although many of us remain connected with our car friends on social media, it’s just not quite the same as seeing friends and cars in person. Car culture is rooted in friendships, and we are thankful for car shows like MPACT, which bring people together every year.


Whether it’s an unorthodox race car or a non-BMW show car you didn’t expect to see, MPACT is always filled with surprises. Despite the event’s name being geared towards BMWs, the mix of different motorsports and the car show bring out a wide variety of cars each year.  Although some adjustments were still required to promote social distancing at this year’s event, they were able to continue with the car show set up around the paddock area, a NASA-sanctioned HPDE event running on the infield racecourse, and roll racing on NASCAR’s longest straight.


Like previous years, before any of the vendors were even finished getting set up, rows of cars quickly formed alongside the paddock area in preparation for roll racing. Taking full advantage of the dry weather and slightly cooler Pocono mountain temperatures, the track was busy all day with fans lining the pit lane to watch cars go head-to-head at speeds in excess of 170mph!  At the same time, the guys participating in the NASA HPDE event and 14-year old drifter, Rhys Conklin, were enjoying the dry conditions as well. This year Rhys and his dad offered ridealongs to fans on the skidpad — Rhys in his LS-swapped #FunHaver E36 sedan and his dad in his LS-swapped Pandem/Rocket Bunny Nissan S13.


While it’s always nice to see a variety of cool cars and watch some racing throughout the day, it’s the reunion of old and new friendships that make events like MPACT special. Throughout the day, you could feel the positive vibes and see people having a good time with their family and friends, and that’s really what it’s all about!

If 2020 taught us nothing else, it’s that we should all appreciate the little things like a day at the track with friends. Thank you to the MPACT team for not only working hard to make this year’s event possible but for making improvements to ensure things ran smoothly. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for next year’s event!