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580HP 991.2 Porsche Turbo S Deserves Power Mods
BY Kyle Crawford //
July 19, 2022
  • The 2018 Porsche Turbo S (991.2) makes an unbelievable 580hp from the factory.
  • CSF intercoolers lower IATs by about 20ºF over the OE unit allowing for more power.
  • AWE foiler wind diffusers are simple to install and eliminate wind buffeting.
  • COBB Tuning Accessport provides off-the-shelf tunes and increased power for myriad vehicles.

Is it just me, or do recent production cars churn out far too much power from the factory? I know — it seems off-brand for an automotive journalist to talk about too much power from the factory, but it’s the truth. There is no special clearance required to drive these well-equipped factory freaks. Your average, run-of-the-mill driver’s license will suffice. It’s a recipe for an inevitable disaster. With that said, can we all stop and appreciate that no one has yet regulated the power levels available in the average road-going vehicle. We’re essentially living in the wild west for factory horsepower numbers, and I don’t think it will last forever. No manufacturer illustrates this horsepower freedom quite like Porsche, and the subject of today’s article is no different — the 991.2 Turbo S is a monster right out of the gate.

With a small list of upgrades planned to enhance it even further, we turned to the tech gurus at R/T Tuning in Montgomeryville, PA, for our installation needs. This professional crew of dedicated automotive enthusiasts can handle everything we throw at them, no matter the chassis or vehicle type. The team at R/T also performs different types of services, from tint and detail to complete engine rebuilds and dyno tuning. It is a true one-stop shop.


As I already mentioned, the 991.2 Porsche Turbo S is a monster. Pushing 580hp and a 205mph top speed from its 3.8L twin-turbocharged powerplant, it’s a venerable contender no matter the use. Equipped with a potent factory all-wheel-drive system, it screams from 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds. In stock form, it’s scary, to say the least. It will put you in the back of your seat for as long as you can press the accelerator. But does that mean you can’t push the limits further? Of course not.


The 991.2 Turbo is, in fact, turbocharged from Porsche (unlike its Taycan Turbo brethren). Because of the twin power adders affixed to its engine, there is an excess of heat generated. This negatively affects the engine’s intake air temperature, which hinders its ability to make power. Our friends over at CSF engineered the perfect intercooler solution for both the 991.1 and 991.2 to remedy this. First, 3D-scanned and CAD-designed 3D-printed prototypes were tested in the wild. Then using CFD testing, CSF crafted the optimized cast end tanks with several post-machining processes for ideal tolerance specifications and maximum airflow through the core. It retains factory mounting points, the factory clip-in hardware, and even mimics the OE-style quick-connect machined fittings for a precise seal and OE-quality installation with no major modifications required. The aerospace-grade, nano-particle, heat dispersion coating is the perfect elevated finish for such a quality piece, too.

580HP 991.2 Porsche Turbo S Deserves Power Mods


You’re cruising around a winding back road on a perfect day. Radio turned up with your favorite music blasting. You press your window button down to enjoy the outside weather, and your eardrums are immediately greeted with immense pulsating pressure and the sound of a helicopter cutting through the air. That’s buffeting. It’s an issue with newer generations of the Porsche Boxster, Cayman, and even 911. Fear not, though. AWE has the solution: its Foiler Wind Diffuser. Essentially, a small spoiler that replaces the flat plastic triangle piece where the window meets the door frame (behind the side view mirror). Constructed from UV-stabilized injection-molded plastic, it will retain an OE style while redirecting the airflow and fixing the buffeting. The Foilers have a pretty simple installation process, too, but we’ll get to that soon.


If you own an enthusiast vehicle with any kind of factory turbocharger or supercharger, the chances are high that COBB Tuning’s Accessport can reshape its performance. The handheld Accessport is an effortless installation with numerous off-the-shelf calibrations for various applications. The in-cabin mountable unit is the most flexible 991.2 Turbo S ECU upgrade solution. Designed to “access” untapped power gains within the vehicle’s maps, the newest V3 has a larger full-color, high-resolution screen, customizable multi-gauge display, and interchangeable faceplates.


This is usually when I’d describe the intensity of this installation, but I have to say, rating this one was a little different. While attaching the new parts isn’t demanding, this Porsche’s modern construction requires specialty knowledge for disassembly (and reassembly). Luckily, R/T Tuning has former Porsche techs on board who have been around these cars before. So, having them handle it for us was a clear choice.

The first step was the removal of a few rear exterior panels to allow access to the engine bay and behind the bumper. The order of disassembly was important here, as the active wing needed to be raised before certain pieces elsewhere could be removed, including the rear bumper and rear wheels.

The wheel removal process requires knowledge and tools specific to this chassis. Pat from R/T Tuning broke out his massive centerlock ratchet just to get enough torque to crack the lug nut loose on the factory centerlock wheels. The remainder of today’s install was pretty straightforward.

With the bumper and wheels removed, all of the bracketry, ducting, and hardware holding the stock intercoolers in place was separated from the chassis. It was all kept in reasonable condition as the replacement performance CSF units reuse every piece.

Our CSF intercoolers required trimming of the OE plastic shrouds before reassembly. Still, it was a simple procedure. All OE items were reconnected to the new intercoolers, and the performance units were fastened into the factory mounting location.

The COBB Tuning Accessport process is simple. After plugging it into the diagnostic port, it runs its calibration download procedure on the ECU. While that percentage climbed, Pat took some plastic interior tools and popped the factory window plastics off, replacing them with the AWE Foilers in minutes. The Accessport finished its download, was unplugged from the diagnostic port, and this installation was complete. Join us for a second segment with this car as we install some intake and exhaust enhancements.





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