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Industry Partners Close Out 2022 With A Networking Nightcap
BY Sam Du //
January 6, 2023
Photography: Sam Du
Videography: Kyle Crawford
  • Pit+Paddock and guests took over the 1933 Lounge atop the world-famous St. Elmo Steakhouse.
  • Presented by ARP, Powerstop, Radium Engineering, Supertech, Turbosmart, Vibrant Performance, and Weld Racing.
  • It combined networking opportunities, unlimited drinks, shrimp cocktail appetizers, decadent desserts, raffle prizes, and complimentary hoodies for a special night out in a more intimate atmosphere.


While I’ve attended SEMA nearly 20 times, this was only my second visit to the PRI (Performance Racing Industry) trade show in Indianapolis. The two conventions share similarities as automotive industry trade shows. However, SEMA is often all glitz and glamor, with more show rigs than functional builds, while PRI is all about the business focusing on performance and motorsports. PRI comprises more than 1,000 different vendors and sees 70,000 attendees across three days occupying more than 750,000 gross square feet of the Indiana Convention Center. It represents every type of four-wheeled motorsport, from drag racing, sprint car, road racing, karting, off-road, drifting, and open wheel. It’s a trade show that draws a higher-quality attendee as it doesn’t have the Las Vegas SEMA Show fluff. You truly have to want to be there, as it takes place in chilly Indy in the middle of December. With that said, PRI is still a hotbed for networking and making great connections during show hours. After the convention center lights shut off, there’s not much for folks to do regarding industry receptions. This missed opportunity is why the collective teams at Pit+Paddock and Turn 14 Distribution decided to take our format from the SEMA Clubhouse event and bring it to our partners at PRI.


On Friday night, the team at Pit+Paddock took over the 1933 Lounge that sits atop the world-famous St. Elmo Steakhouse. Presented by ARP, Powerstop, Radium Engineering, Supertech, Turbosmart, Vibrant Performance and Weld Racing, the Nightcap encapsulates everything we loved about Turn 14 Distribution Industry night, but in the intimate atmosphere of the 1933 Lounge. The speakeasy-style ambiance with a restored vintage from the 1800s sets the tone, not to mention the shrimp cocktail appetizers are considered one of the best in the country. For anyone that’s been to PRI in the past, 1933 Lounge is legitimately the go-to hot spot during PRI week, even with its minimal capacity, but the classy yet inviting vibe is unmatched in a city like Indianapolis. Unlimited cocktails, tasty desserts, and a few fun raffle prizes made this night one for the books for our exclusive VIP guests. Our friends at Turbosmart were generous enough to spread some holiday joy by giving every guest a fresh black hoodie adorned in both the Turbosmart and Pit+Paddock logos.


We want to take a moment to thank our valued partners for supporting the Pit+Paddock Nightcap event at PRI. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to create such unique events that bring so many industry leaders together.

ARP. Whether it’s nuts, bolts, fasteners, or washers, ARP is pretty much the cream of the crop, and you’ll notice their hardware is installed on virtually every serious grassroots and professional race car, even up to the highest level of motorsports.

Powerstop. Not everyone can or wants to step up to big dollar big brakes, which is why Powerstop has made a name for itself by offering affordable brake upgrades without hurting the consumer’s wallet. They’re also offered as a one-click kit for almost every vehicle on the road today.

Radium Engineering. A brand that needs very little introduction here as they’ve continually supported Pit+Paddock events, and you can see just about every build we feature will use one of their premium catch cans, fuel pumps, or fuel cells.

Supertech. The valve king of the aftermarket, Supertech is easily considered one of the highest-quality brands regarding engine valves and valve springs. It’s also popular in specific makes and models with pistons, rods, and head gaskets.

Vibrant Performance. Born in Canada in 1985 and one of the best in the game, any fabricator or shop likely buys clamps, tubes, hoses, catch cans, and other fabrication components from Vibrant Performance. A high-quality brand catered to suit the needs of any fabrication project.

Weld Racing. Mostly known for its off-road truck and drag racing wheels, Weld Racing is one of the iconic racing brands that have been trusted since the ’60s and is still widely used today.





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