LIQUI MOLY’s Truck Series Additives Offer Performance and Protection

Photography: Brandon Cody/Mike Maravilla

  • LIQUI MOLY is a globally renowned manufacturer of over 4,000 premium lubricants, motor oils, additives, vehicle care products, and more.
  • Since 1957, LIQUI MOLY’s German headquarters has been the home of its research, development, and world-class manufacturing.
  • LIQUI MOLY’s worldwide presence in the pinnacle of motorsport has cemented its place as a trusted, top-tier lubrication brand.
  • Its dedicated Truck Series lineup aims to recoup performance and fuel economy for gasoline and diesel-powered rigs.

The right recipe can last for generations. LIQUI MOLY has proven this countless times throughout its company history. After more than 60 years, its first oil additive is still produced. Indeed, LIQUI MOLY’s promise to “be the best, not the cheapest” has pushed the German-based manufacturer to innovate and deliver on that commitment as the automotive landscape itself changes. 

Because of this consistent effort, the LIQUI MOLY catalog contains over 4,000 products for the automotive space and beyond. In each segment tranche, there exists one through line: a promise to lengthen the service life of motors and ensure top-level performance for years to come.


Over the last three decades, the truck segment has experienced rapid growth. It’s virtually impossible to ignore. The 4×4 has become the preferred choice for modern motorists in various form factors, performance levels, and fuel types. Indeed, trucks have moved from our collective periphery and into our crosshairs — both in everyday usage (like we saw at our Trucks+Coffee event at CSF HQ) and the motorsport world.

Racing events like the Baja 1000 and King of the Hammers have exploded from singular-focus competitions into multi-week contests across a wide variety of motorcycles, quads, Jeeps, trophy trucks, and more. The shift has prompted LIQUI MOLY to engineer new products to meet the unique demands of this market.


The LIQUI MOLY Truck Series line begins by addressing a widespread problem: the creeping performance loss. Engine deposits slowly rob the engine of its original power, leading to diminished combustion, higher fuel consumption, and even more deposits over time. Because performance declines so gradually, it’s common to never notice it until much later.

For truck owners, restorative power is not just about going fast. Many trucks are used as true workhorses. They can’t do their job properly without maximum performance on tap for payload demands, extreme grading, or otherwise.

It’s not too different from what can happen to our own bodies. Without proper preventative maintenance, our health slowly declines until, in many cases, a major episode shocks us into rehabilitative change. Each of the five LIQUI MOLY additives — three for diesel and two for gasoline-powered trucks — should be considered the equivalent preventative maintenance for your 4×4. And each product is a hell of a lot easier to use than going to the gym.


LIQUI MOLY’s approach is multi-faceted, but it begins with optimizing each fuel type’s overall function. The diesel-specific cleaner (20252) effectively removes existing deposits from the fuel system and restores proper fuel atomization. A cleaner combustion chamber results in reduced pollutant emissions and diesel knocking. Its complementary performance and protectant (20254) additive prevents corrosion and increases lubrication. The combined effect of these two diesel products nets higher cetane values for recuperative performance and easier starting across varying weather conditions.

Diesel owners have to contend with one more fuel system variable: the diesel particulate filter (DPF). The LIQUI MOLY DPF protector (20258) is designed to reduce soot formation and premature filter clogging, which both rob performance. While the previous products are universally beneficial for commercial or personal use cases, this DPF additive is especially helpful for city-dweller vehicles used for short trips where the DPF doesn’t get hot enough to burn off the soot.

Gasoline-powered trucks are equally important to LIQUI MOLY’s additive lineup. The gasoline system cleaner (20250) tidies up the fuel system of both port-injected and carbureted gasoline engines. Regular use intervals (every 1,200 miles) will net cleaner internals, guard against corrosion, and restore engine efficiency without detriment to catalytic converters or particulate filters.


While the rest of the LIQUI MOLY truck suite has focused on fuel additives, its oil treatment (20256) is easily one of my favorites. Compatible with all 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines, this product adds an extremely protective and pressure-resistant boundary layer. As a result, truck owners experience immediate wear reduction, lower fuel consumption, and less noise. The additive’s extra lubrication also helps give you peace of mind during cold start cycles — a must for any northern hemisphere climate.


It may be March, but we’re still in the depths of winter in Pennsylvania. As a result, it seemed the perfect opportunity to add both gasoline-applicable LIQUI MOLY additives to a Jeep Gladiator (JT) with 50,000 miles to qualitatively back its claims.

As per LIQUI MOLY’s advice for maximum restorative performance, the truck received a fresh oil change before the oil treatment was added. Compared to its diesel counterpart, which uses nine quarts of oil, the petrol-powered JT uses a more frugal five. Despite the capacity difference between fuel types, one 500mL can of the oil treatment is sufficient. The gasoline system cleaner was added at the same time for good measure — the 500mL can treats 7 to 30-gallon tank capacities proficiently. 

Even though we’ve only had a chance to run the car for a few hundred miles since both additives were put in, it was surprising to note the immediate differences. Gas mileage improved a tick, and the truck ran noticeably smoother — especially during Auto Start/Stop cycles — despite the JT’s relative infancy to most usage cases. It was an encouraging sign, and I can only imagine the improvement effect would be compounded on older or higher mileage examples.

Given the immediacy of these results, it’s no wonder why LIQUI MOLY chooses to align itself with the likes of Formula 1 — the lubricant brand is the official partner of F1 for the fifth year running. Both unmistakably represent the topmost echelon of their respective fields and, as such, deserve the recognition and exposure that the platform affords.

As our world inevitably changes, we can rely on at least one thing: LIQUI MOLY will be there to ensure its products evolve along with us.


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