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Inozetek x Playboy Lamborghini Diablo GT Stops SEMA Visitors in Their Tracks at Pit+Paddock’s Outdoor Display
BY Mike Maravilla //
November 10, 2023
Photography: Brandon Cody
Videography: Inozetek
  • The Lamborghini Diablo GT remains the fastest road-going Diablo ever made, boasting 575hp and a 215mph top speed.
  • The Diablo GT is amongst rarified air: only 80 were sold to European customers and none were eligible for US import until after the 25-year rule.
  • This Inozetek x Playboy example is immediately distinguishable from others thanks to its BBS LM wheels and, new for this year’s SEMA Show, an “Amethyst Ash” Inozetek wrap.
  • The Pit+Paddock booth debut bore an exclusive Inozetek x Playboy collaboration t-shirt and wrap color but also made a much larger, culturally significant statement at the same time.

It bears repeating that the Diablo is, by far measure, the best product that Lamborghini has ever produced. Its titanic numbers, even by modern standards, are only matched by the most sinister name to ever be assigned to a car. But the example you see here isn’t a “regular” Diablo, as if that designation could be assigned to any of the brand’s creations. No, this is a Diablo GT — 1 of 80 examples that were ever produced — and one of a much smaller number that found its way stateside.


The Diablo GT was the ninth variant of the model from Lamborghini, intermixing design and drivetrain cues from other special versions with GT-specific interpretations. In true Lamborghini fashion, this rear-wheel-drive special edition starts with a powerplant upgrade; the GT boasts a larger displacement engine (6.0-liters versus 5.7-liters) that produces a mighty 575hp and 215mph top speed. 

The moniker reflects the car’s “track-only” intent and features wider, more aggressive bodywork that includes a revised carbon front air dam, prominent air extractor and NACA ducts on the hood, wider rear wing, and an aggressive carbon diffuser that supplants the Diablo’s standard rear bumper. The GT cues may not be immediately recognizable unless you could compare this special edition with, say, a Diablo SV side-by-side, but I’ll tell you first-hand that they make a big difference to the Diablo’s presence.

The interior picks up where the exterior left off. Open the scissor door and a carbon fiber console, racing-inspired seats with 4-point harnesses, and a smaller steering wheel are the first things you’ll notice, all of which contribute to the car’s enticing, yet wholeheartedly intimidating demeanor.


Greg Park, a figurehead behind the streetwear brand Antisocial Social Club, is the most recent custodian for this very special car. Aside from his professional affiliations, Park is known for his impressive collection of cars, many of which don an ever-changing array of Inozetek wraps. This year, in a special collaboration with Playboy, the Diablo GT was treated to Inozetek’s newest Super Gloss Metallic wrap color: “Amethyst Ash”. It’s like a mix between Porsche’s Viola Purple and BMW’s Techno Violet with a touch of smoky luster. In other words, it’s pretty much perfect.

The gold 18” BBS LM wheels are an exceptional addition. Even though, admittedly, LMs look good on virtually every car, the wheel’s timeless design complements the supercar’s wedge shape better than most. Even besides modern creations from Italian marques, I’m willing to wager that if you asked most car enthusiasts to close their eyes and think of a supercar, the Diablo — especially this one — would be among the top three that come to mind. In its current form, the Inozetek x Playboy Diablo GT is a living realization of my boyhood dream and I felt myself staring at this car more than any other at the show out of deep admiration. There were less eloquent, but more emotionally accurate descriptions of the car from passerby’s. “Holy F*CK!” was amongst the most popular amongst a myriad of other NSFW expressions.


Speaking of NSFW, I’ll remind you that the limited edition wrap color was a special collaboration with Playboy. The lifestyle brand recently underwent a big transformation from a renowned print magazine into a fully digital publication that leverages creator content from across the globe. While it has always been a bastion of culture, art, and the written word, its new position as a hub for premium creative talent — where sexual freedom is prioritized over explicit content — opens new doors for the next generation of bold perspectives to express freely. The brand’s shift also marked a slogan change from “Entertainment for Men” to “Pleasure for All”.

Unveiling this Inozetek x Playboy Diablo GT collaboration along with its limited edition t-shirt marked another culturally significant milestone for Pit+Paddock. Although the entire aftermarket is predicated on creating products of self-expression, the industry itself has long needed a tactful rebalance in terms of equality, diversity, and the cultural discourse at large. The Inozetek x Playboy Diablo GT represented a strategic statement toward that necessary shift, so we were honored to celebrate that unified mission statement at the Pit+Paddock booth. To us, the immense fanfare meant that we were successful in two important measures: 1.) curating a car lineup that represented a diverse set of automotive interests and 2.) setting a new tone for what modern car culture stands behind for the younger generation of enthusiasts.


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