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Theater and a Show: Pit+Paddock Dazzles VIP Guests at Neiman Marcus Suite During F1’s Las Vegas Debut
BY Mike Maravilla //
November 20, 2023
Photography: Mike Maravilla
Additional Photography: Kyle Crawford
  • Pit+Paddock’s Formula 1 viewing experience remixed Neiman Marcus specialty retail space adjacent to Turn 12 for 200 VIP guests from the automotive industry and beyond.
  • Our agency presence at the inaugural Las Vegas contest — the first grand prix in the city since 1982 — was an important statement that touted our industry access and explosive growth in equal measure.
  • Pit+Paddock’s guests were treated to luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and a front-row seat to some of the most exciting race drama that the new circuit had to offer.
  • The intersection of automotive and hospitality royalty was pervasive: Sparco, Bell Helmets, Neiman Marcus, and LVMH brands like Veuve Clicquot, Armand de Brignac, and Dom Pérignon all helped make the Pit+Paddock Formula 1 experience extremely special.

Unforgettable is a sentiment that many strive toward, but rarely earn. Pit+Paddock entered 2023 with a mission to trounce what we previously considered ambitious; we purposely stretched ourselves exhaustively thin to test our limits. But once we were there, we discovered there was more to give every time. We got stronger by the minute and built upon that strength as the year progressed — a new event series here, a SEMA build there — and every small bit of effort tallied toward the crown jewel of the year: Formula 1 Las Vegas.


We knew we wouldn’t be alone in creating a VIP experience for race fans, so we pulled out all the stops to ensure Pit+Paddock’s presence stood out from the crowd. Taking from our experience attending other Formula 1 races, we understood that the right location was the crux of our experience. Solidifying a strategic partnership with Neiman Marcus was a crucial first step. Our location scout identified the specialty retail store for two reasons: 1.) its reputation for discerning luxury would be valuable to driving a high-end agenda, and 2.) the specialty retail store was parked adjacent to Turn 12 — a corner that many speculated would be action-packed during the 50-lap contest. We didn’t have to wait long for that to come true. 

Lando Norris’s McLaren crashed spectacularly in front of our viewing suite, evoking a chorus of “ooohs” and exasperated breaths as his race car spun into the barriers. The corner proved to be a battleground numerous times throughout the contest; several cars accrued bumps and bruises fighting for positions at this turn, the most explosive of which saw World Champion Max Verstappen tussling with George Russell, leaving carbon fiber entrails in their wake from the bout.


The track theatrics worked up our collective appetite and we were grateful to have Finesse Catering LV for company throughout the weekend. From before the first practice, until the checkered flag waved, we were all treated to a seemingly endless variety of perfectly prepared bites. The offerings shifted daily to keep things fresh: Thursday’s Asian menu and Friday’s American fare all received the coveted chef’s kiss from our VIP guests and helped elevate our race viewing experience even further.

But it was Saturday’s Italian dining lineup that truly stood out in terms of bangers. From start to finish, the plates were truly a cut above, and we were all grateful to see each selection circulating in predictable regularity. Chef Jackie and her team killed it.


While plenty of our guests enjoyed the race in real-time, thanks to our incredible Turn 12 viewport, we made sure that all of the grand prix action could be enjoyed at every facet of our race. Indeed, permanent fixtures were rare; we migrated from our VIP tables in front of the live-action, to the bar, to the DJ booth, and snack stations while the race chugged along. The five brand-new TVs and high-end sound system made sure that we all stayed plugged in as we moved, which is usually a missing element from the live grand prix experience.

Expectedly, each day the Pit+Paddock VIP hospitality crowd grew in attendance. Race day was packed to the gills with nearly 200 people, but the smart layout of our suite allowed our guests to spread out. It never felt crowded and kept a positive focus on the race experience itself and making memories with the movers and shakers sharing the space. The view was still a huge priority, though, so some of our guests strategically left their phones in a prime viewing location to capture any on-track incidents for the ‘gram. I love the commitment!


Before the race got underway, we took the time to extend an earnest thank you to all of our guests and partners. Daryl Sampson, our Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, took the microphone to deliver the message appropriately, taking special care to also express his gratitude for the team and the effort that we put in to make the F1 Vegas viewing experience a memorable one. Champagne glasses freshly filled with Dom Perignon were doled out for a deserved toast just as the drivers took off for their formation lap.

As the checkered flag waved and the ever-present scream of Formula 1 started to temper, we handed out one more piece of gratitude: a thank-you gift bag assembled with some incredible takeaways from Neiman Marcus. As the elevator doors opened for the last time and the lights turned down in our hospitality suite, one thing was clear at that moment: we created an unforgettable experience for everyone privileged enough to be there. And it’s something that will undoubtedly help people remember Pit+Paddock for years to come.


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