Four Big Ways That Eibach Springs Can Help Level Up Your RAM TRX

Photography: Provided by Eibach

  • Eibach is a leading engineering outfit and manufacturer of high-performance suspension components across the entire aftermarket spectrum.
  • The RAM TRX is a 702 horsepower “super truck” that was created to trounce the Raptor and comes with capable Bilstein shocks from the factory.
  • Eibach’s TRX leveling spring kits dial out the TRX’s native rake, which helps restore balanced ride quality, control, and off-road capabilities.
  • Four TRX spring options are available to provide TRX owners with maximum flexibility for their desired usage.

BMW and Mercedes. Ferrari and Lamborghini. Ford and, well, every other American car manufacturer. Rivalries often create better products than if there were no opposition at all; the spirit of competition pushes both sides to think more critically, innovate faster, and measure themselves against their wildest dreams instead of a tangible yardstick. The RAM TRX is a product that was born to create a rivalry, namely with Ford’s truck hero: the Raptor. Amongst other standout features, the TRX shoehorns the Hellcat’s 702 horsepower V8 into its accommodating engine bay. As a result, it trounces the 0-60 sprint in 3.7 seconds and the quarter mile in 12.3. It’s a massive feat considering its epic proportions. Its arrival prompted Ford to create the Raptor R just to keep up, but the Internet at large will tell you that it still felt short of the TRX’s mark.


Eibach, one of the world’s leading suspension manufacturers, is keen to widen that gap even further. The TRX’s Achilles heel, like the short-armed dinosaur it borrows its name from, is its front suspension. As a result, the TRX appears considerably raked from the factory and leaves the three-ton truck susceptible to oversteer. Although the truck feels surprisingly composed for its heft, Eibach knew that there was a lot left on the table. They set to work to create a handful of spring solutions that would help sort out the TRX’s most notable flaw.


Akin to the Raptor, the TRX comes equipped with five-link coil suspension. Unlike its rival, the TRX is a fortunate beneficiary of Bilstein dampers, a pioneer and leader in its own right within the off-road space. Eibach recognized that the TRX’s damper wasn’t the limiting factor early in its development process and opted to focus its attention on products that would net real-world benefit to its customers. I respect that acknowledgment immensely. It’s an admission that highlights Eibach’s earnest engineering approach and devotion to its clientele in equal measure.


To address the TRX’s unfortunate rake, Eibach has fashioned four distinct PRO-LIFT-KIT springs that are designed to work with the aforementioned Bilstein OE shocks. Each option leverages Eibach’s championship-winning off-road race technology to adequately balance off-road performance with on-road mannerisms. 

The first is a Front Leveling Spring Set (E30-27-012-01-20) — two springs that add 1.6” to the front axle — and, as the product name suggests, properly levels the TRX’s ride height between front and rear. The second is a more comprehensive solution: the four-spring set (E30-27-012-02-22) adds 2.7” to the front axle and 1.5” to the rear, which means it fixes the rake problem while also adding increased ground clearance. The new ride height means more room for larger wheels and tires for bigger and bolder off-road adventures.

The last two can be considered helpful to TRX owners who have very specific needs. Although on paper they look like break-out spring pairings of the full-fledged PRO-LIFT-KIT we just mentioned — the front 2.7” lift springs and rear 1.5” lift springs — they deserve credit for what they do on their own. The front pair (E30-27-012-02-20) is a perfect solution for TRX owners who have added a winch or aftermarket front bumper to offset the additional weight. The rear duo (E30-27-012-02-02) has similar benefits for the TRX pilot who carries a semi-permanent or permanent payload (i.e. spare wheels and tires) in their bed.

For even more extreme cases, a heavy-duty rear spring set is forthcoming in 2024. The bespoke rear kit will offer the same lift (1.5”), but with a higher load-bearing spring rate to accommodate 400-500lbs static loads.


I’ve found that trucks largely fall into two categories from the factory: floaty or harsh. The TRX’s OE suspension felt more like the former; it was a fast truck, no doubt, but there was a vagueness in the suspension that made you second guess your inputs. That uncertainty was virtually nonexistent with the Eibach PRO-LIFT-KIT installed. It was unmistakably still a three-ton truck, but somehow managed to now feel much more crisp without dipping into “harsh” territory. That sentiment continued off the beaten path. Since the truck settled faster and more predictably, the Eibach kit gave me the impression that I could finally use most, if not all, of the TRX’s grunt. The truck’s new underpinnings gave me so much more confidence over a variety of terrain. All of the TRX’s intended suspension travel was preserved, unlike inferior collar lift kits. 

As a novice to the off-road world, I wasn’t sure how perceivable a spring upgrade would be, but Eibach hit the nail on the head here. It reminded me that the Eibach PRO-LIFT-KIT was specifically engineered to work with the Bilstein dampers and TRX owners will reap the benefits of that effort, whether on a highway cruise, spirited sprint, or off-road adventure.