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Japan’s Artisan Spirits Transforms the Toyota GR Corolla With Carbon Fiber Aero
BY Sam Du //
February 27, 2024
Photography: Pit+Paddock
  • Pit+Paddock debuts the Artisan Spirits Black Label carbon fiber aero kit for the all-wheel-drive and turbocharged Toyota GR Corolla.
  • Air freighted from Japan to its U.S. distributor, Evasive Motorsports, the 13-piece kit was painted and installed by DTM Autobody.
  • In addition, Evasive Motorsports replaced the GR Corolla’s stock side mirrors with its EVS Tuning GTLM Aero mirrors.
  • Ahead of its reveal, Jon Sibal designs a near-exact rendering of the GR Corolla, including its white TE37 wheels.
  • The GR Corolla was introduced to the public at the ADVAN Orido x Dai collection launch in Los Angeles and the 2023 SEMA Show.

In one of our most recent project car updates to the Pit+Paddock Toyota GR Corolla build, we showed you what the all-wheel-drive hatchback looks like with a proper set of JDM wheels and track-spec coilovers. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the final exterior modifications to the GRC before its debut at the SEMA Show.


Living in Southern California, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many great shops over the years. One of them, which has continued to not just support the local scene but push the limits of sports car performance is Evasive Motorsports.

Evasive’s list of accolades is long and distinguished. To name a few, they were one of the main reasons why enthusiast cars like the Mitsubishi Evo, Honda S2000, and Honda Civic Type R became so popular to modify and track. They’ve also made history with our pro driver Dai Yoshihara, setting lap records in Global Time Attack and achieving success at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

A huge portion of their business is e-commerce and providing high-quality aftermarket parts for the masses. This is the case from engine bolt-ons to suspension upgrades, racing seats to body kits. So as you can imagine, Evasive carries all the top brands from Japan and is an exclusive distributor for Artisan Spirts.


The Japanese body kit manufacturer Artisan Spirits isn’t as well-known as brands like Varis; however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a major player. Born in 1997, the company started as a private-label supplier of aero parts for cars and motorcycles. It wasn’t until the turn of the century when it joined the VIP movement, designing luxury sedan body kits for the Celsior, Cedric, Cima, Majesta, and Aristo. Their product line later evolved to cover the Lexus and Toyota lineup, which is how they breached the U.S. market. In 2014, they became a partner on several notable SEMA builds which included an LC 500, IS 350, ES 350, LS 500, and LX 600. These were all featured at the Lexus USA booth.

Artisan Spirits has also made noise by developing aero solutions in conjunction with Evasive Motorsports, most notably the Toyota 86 which took home the 1st Place Unlimited Class trophy at the 2020 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and the Tesla Model 3 which claimed the “Fastest EV” title at the 2022 running of the “Race to the Clouds”. New offerings such as this new GR Corolla Black Label body kit are continuing their growth as a respected JDM styling company.


The complete body kit for the GR Corolla comprises 13 pieces; however, Evasive sells the components in various stages. You’ll see all carbon fiber here, but Artisan Spirits also offers an FRP version.

The front lip, side skirts, and lower rear add-on pieces are probably the most predictable components of the kit as they help extend the body down – nothing too aggressive, but subtle and conservative.

Making a more pronounced fashion statement are the carbon fiber front fender grilles which simply cover the stock ones. The rear spats that follow the curves of the taillights are also included; these are definitely an acquired taste.

The hatch receives not one, but two spoilers, one in the traditional location that extends the roof line, and another below the rear window, which gives off a little old-school Honda Civic vibes. Similar to the rear spats, I’ve had to learn to love the mid-spoiler. One thing is for sure though, all the carbon additions from Artisan Spirits have injected a more attitude to the hatchback.

The last portion of the Black Label kit is the front fender extensions. These require paint-matching and are designed to complement the wider OEM rear fenders of the GR Corolla. Admittedly, they are straightforward curved add-on pieces that follow the lines of wheel wells. Once installed, they provide a better sense of balance to the hatchback’s proportions. I opted to keep the stock fenders underneath unmodified, but they can be trimmed to accommodate wider wheel and tire fitments if necessary.


To prep, paint, and install the kit, DTM Autobody in El Monte, CA did a stellar job ensuring the GR Corolla was SEMA Show ready. And thanks to the magic of digital artist Jon Sibal, a near-perfect rendering was created to give everyone a preview of exactly how the finished GRC would look like, which also included the EVS Tuning GTLM Aero mirrors. I love these as they are the same mirrors installed on my GR Supra. If it wasn’t for Jon’s rendering, I also wouldn’t have the motivation to source the much-needed Circuit Edition hood. The integrated black vents of the hood aid the white-and-carbon theme of the car.


The Pit+Paddock GR Corolla debuted at the ADVAN Orido x Dai Collection launch. Following the LA pop-up reveal party, we positioned the GR Corolla in the back of our SEMA booth, which to my surprise, was very well received given the number of GR Corolla builds at the show.

Almost a year after visiting Tokyo Auto Salon and seeing so many rad GRC examples, I’m honored to have debuted the first Artisan Spirits kit in the world. It’s been a pleasure to work with so many great partners on this project. I’d like to thank the following: Evasive Motorsports, Artisan Spirits, DTM Autobody, Auto Tuned, Mackin Industries, Sparco, RS-R Suspension, Yokohama Tire, Eventuri, Remark, Monrovia Alignment, 405 Motoring, XPEL, Golden Wrench Supply, and Toyota North America.


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